Scalia skeptics blasted as 'conspiracy theorists'

Trump, Savage, others derided by major newspapers

President Obama and Texas ranch owner John Poindexter (Credit: Houston Business Journal report, August 15, 2010, via DC Whispers)

At least two major newspapers are taking to task any skeptics of the way Justice Antonin Scalia’s death was handled by Presidio County, Texas, officials on Feb. 13.

The Los Angeles Times and the San Antonio Express-News have run articles critical of radio hosts Michael Savage and Alex Jones as well as Donald Trump and the immigration watchdog group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.
L.A. Times reporter Matt Pearce issued a stinging rebuke, writing that Scalia’s death is “getting the full conspiracy theory treatment.”
“Officials said Scalia’s family did not want an autopsy. There was nothing to stop local authorities from doing one anyway had they deemed the death suspicious, but they didn’t. Scalia’s cause of death was declared by a county judge in a phone call.
“As unusual as that might sound — and as tantalizing as it might be to conspiracy theorists — it appears to be allowed under Texas law.”
Pearce said the outrage was fueled by Donald Trump, who commented during an interview with Michael Savage that questions surrounding Scalia’s death would not go away but would only intensify.
Martin Kuz of the San Antonio newspaper also defended the odd way in which the death was handled, though he did not name any particular conspiracy theorist.
“Texas has no coroners, and most of its rural counties, including Presidio, lack a medical examiner, a dual predicament common in sparsely populated areas of the country,” he wrote. “The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure assigns the duties of a county coroner to a justice of the peace.
“Authorities followed the code’s guidelines on inquests by contacting Presidio County’s two local judges to seek a declaration of death. Both were out of town, and as stipulated by the code, officials then contacted the county judge.”
The criticisms prompted ALIPAC to send out a release Wednesday defending its call on Sunday for an immediate autopsy and toxicology report on Scalia’s body. The statement reads as follows:
“Both articles attempt to disparage anyone from questioning the handling of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s unexpected and unexplained death and lack of autopsy and toxicology reports, with specific personalities targeted in the articles including presidential candidate Donald Trump, radio show host Michael Savage, Infowars show host Alex Jones, and ALIPAC’s President William Gheen.
“Why are these major newspapers arguing against proper law enforcement investigations of Scalia’s cause of death?”
Justice Scalia was found dead by millionaire Democratic Party donor and Obama ally John Poindexter near America’s unsecured, dangerous, porous, and cartel-controlled Southern Border, and for Gheen, Savage and Jones these were all red flags.
Savage came right out and asked on his radio show Monday, “Was Scalia murdered?”

Savage called for an investigation on the level of the presidentially appointed probe into President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.
“We need a Warren Commission-like federal investigation,” he said. “This is serious business.”
Gheen is equally skeptical.
“Scalia was considered to be a solid vote against Obama’s amnesty orders that 26 states including Texas are suing to stop as well as many other lawsuits relevant to Obama’s agenda,” he said. “The Supreme Court was expected to vote on Obama’s clearly unconstitutional amnesty orders in the next few weeks, making Scalia one of Obama’s main political stumbling blocks since GOP Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and many other Republican lawmakers in Congress have recently capitulated to Obama and voted to fund all his programs with the Omnibus funding bill last December.”
Gheen said the newspapers are engaging in ad hominem attacks, stooping to name-calling against anyone who feels forensic investigations, autopsies, and toxicology reports are prudent when top government officials are found dead for causes unknown.
“We stand by and repeat our call for an immediate, thorough forensic examination of Scalia’s body by multiple law enforcement agencies responsible for the national security of our nation,” he said. “We also contend that any decisions rendered by the Supreme Court without Scalia’s replacement confirmed by the U.S. Senate will be deemed as illegitimate by large numbers of American citizens who are expressing doubts about how Scalia died and how his death has been handled. This mishandling of the tragic death of Justice Scalia puts our national security and government officials at greater risk while further undermining confidence in our government at a time of historic distrust and disappointment with Washington, D.C., institutions and the media.”
If foul play or accidental poisoning was involved with the death of Scalia, much of that evidence has already been destroyed or corrupted when his body was washed and embalmed at a funeral home less than 24 hours after his body was discovered.
Gheen said ALIPAC is now considering releasing an open letter to Scalia’s family requesting that his they order an autopsy of his remains to help settle some of these widely held concerns.