By PAUL BEDARD 6/16/16 11:46 AM

A chief critic of President Obama's open door immigration policies on Thursday slammed him as a "dictator" who is filling rural towns with illegal immigrants instead of turning them away at the border and telling them to enter legally.

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions said that the administration's plan to ship some 2,000 illegals to his state has been met with the same outrage as other efforts to take undocumented immigrants seized in Texas and Arizona and house them as far away as Massachusetts.

"They feel like this is a dictator from Washington who will not listen to the people's concerns and they are very concerned about it," Sessions told Secrets after a speech to the Security Industry Association in downtown Washington.

"It's just maddening," he added. Sessions said that the administration is eyeing military bases that don't even have housing as the destination for the illegals.

"What's happening in Alabama is happening this around the country and it is the result of idiotic policy cannot never work, that's encouraging more people to come illegally, and then we treat them, we house them, we feed them for months, and we release them basically on bail and then they just go where they wanted to go to begin with," said the senator who has advised Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on several issues including illegal immigration.

"If we don't fix the problem, we are going to continue to have it," he added.

In addition to supporting Trump's plan to build a wall and generally send a message that illegal immigration will be stopped if he's elected, Sessions also hinted at plans to investigate the costs associated with housing illegals flooding across the border instead of giving them a quick hearing followed by entry or deportation.

"I think they need among other things to protect our whole country, not just Alabama, and we need to demand to know how much they are spending, why these people aren't having hearings immediately and deported if they are entitled to a hearing at the spot in Texas or Arizona where they were arrested," said Sessions.

"As long as you prolong this, the costs are incredible. Are we now going to build barracks and prison cells in Alabama? Hopefully with a strong president we won't need it because people will stop coming," said the senator.