By John Hill on March 5, 2013

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies have smashed a human smuggling ring that has brought hundreds and perhaps thousands of illegal aliens in and through Arizona over the past 4 years.

The suspects are part of a suspected multi-million dollar illegal alien smuggling ring. After a five month investigation, Maricopa County Sheriff’s detectives tracked the leader of a human smuggling operation to a home in Laveen, eight miles outside Phoenix. That’s where they found the operation’s leader, a man who’d already been deported eight times!

That man is 35-year-old Javier Rito-Martinez. He controls a human smuggling cartel that brought illegals to the U.S. from Oaxaca, Mexico. He and 9 other suspects were arrested by MCSO deputies in the raid.

Neighbors reacted to the sudden and massive assault on Rito-Martinez’ compound by MCSO deputies and SWAT teams.

“I saw all these unmarked sheriffs’ cars coming down and there was like 12 of them and they all had their lights going,” says neighbor Shelly House. House saw the SWAT team storm her neighborhood and thought something significant was happening down the street — and she was right.

House says she’ll sleep better knowing the sheriff is cracking down on smugglers. “He’s doing a great job, I believe and as long as he stays focused on that I think we can get this problem under control,” says House.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested ten suspects – all illegal aliens from Mexico. Three of them have been deported multiple times in the past. Rito-Martinez was deported eight times, Irinero Rios Ordaz was deported five times, and Fernando Benitez-Valdez was deported four times.

With his characteristic understatement, Sheriff Joe ridiculed the DHS’ claim that the criminal illegal aliens they released last week in Arizona and other states would somehow be “supervised” by other means:

“They just released (hundreds of) illegal immigrants from jails in Arizona, how are they going to keep track of these people once again when they can’t keep track of how many suspects cross the border and come back? So I have a little concern about that,” said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

And of course Joe is right. DHS and ICE have a atrocious record of keeping track of released illegal aliens – which is why between 2009 and 2011, illegals they released went on to murder 19 Americans and rape another 142.

Arpaio says Rito-Martinez did business in the valley for four years. According to local police reports, he was even involved in a gun battle in 2010. “We have this guy that’s been involved in this type of activity for so many years and he’s been deported eight times. He’s not going to be deported this time, he’s going to jail,” said Arpaio.

The importance of this raid cannot be overstated – not just for Arizona but for ALL Americans.

That is because Arizona is the principal gateway for illegal entry into the U.S. Thanks to Arizona’s tough immigration laws, 80% of illegals captured by Sheriff Joe and his deputies are headed for other states. And since Arpaio’s department captures a staggering 25% of all illegals caught in the U.S. each year, Joe doesn’t just keep illegal alien rapists, robbers, gangbangers and identity thieves out of Arizona – he also keeps criminals from threatening cities and towns across America.

Way to go, Joe!

Sheriff Joe Brings Down Human Smuggling Cartel; Ring Leader Had Been Deported 8 Times | Stand With Arizona