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    Sheriff's office say's no immigration status done

    These are 5 names taken from my local Franklin County Sheriff's Office arrest report for this week. So i decided to call them and see if i could find out if the sheriff's office checks on immigration status of immigrants arrested on charges like these.

    1. Dispatcher answers and i ask, can you tell me if the immigration status was check on the immigrants you have in your weekly arrest report for this week? she says i don't know, i think it's only done every now and then or, hold on let me get someone who might be able to help you. So the sheriff gets on the phone and i ask the same thing, he says i think somebody else does that. I asked do you know who? he says no. I ask do you know if these names were check? he said no. So then i asked so you don't really know if any names get checked then right? he said no.

    So i said thank you and hung up.

    Jose Rios, Elberton - driving w/o license, laying drag

    Leonel Ruiz Hernandez, Asheville, N.C. - DUI, driving w/o license

    Jaime Perez Guadarrama, Bowman - no drivers license, speeding 16-20

    Fernando Hernandez, Riverdale - driving w/o license

    Chavez Blas Lopez, Elberton - suspended/revoked registration, driving w/o license

    Franklin County Sheriff's Office
    Franklin County Georgia

    706-384-2525 ... news03.txt

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    That kinda looks like the police report for most small towns in Texas ---
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