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Thread: Single migrant mom of five battles to stay put in New York shelter

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    Single migrant mom of five battles to stay put in New York shelter

    Single migrant mom of five battles to stay put in New York shelter

    Cayla Bamberger, New York Daily News
    Sun, August 27, 2023 at 1:47 PM EDT5 min read


    A migrant mom gave birth while she was living in a Park Slope shelter. Now, she says she’s been accused of bogus claims that she is not caring for her children properly in an effort to force her out.

    Mara Flores, 36, had immigrated from Honduras last summer when just months later, she welcomed her fifth child. Since then, the single mom suspects a plot is underway to evict her from the shelter — where families live in centrally located apartments with personal kitchens, operated by the city’s largest shelter provider for homeless families — and into a hotel.

    Child protective services have shown up three times to investigate her family, including in the middle of the night, according to Flores. A letter shows the case was ultimately closed out.

    “If they don’t have any excuse to bother me,” she said in Spanish, “they invent it all — as long as I can’t have peace, and I give up and go to suffer on the street.”

    Flores does not want to leave the apartment-style shelter. She relies on the kitchen to feed her children, as well as nearby schools and daycares so she can pick up sporadic cleaning jobs in Brooklyn.

    “That, for me, would be the worst thing that could happen to me,” said Flores, “because I don’t have a stable job or money. I do what I can for all of us to be able to eat, and with a pound of rice in the shelter, we can all eat because it’s done in the kitchen.”

    But with the addition of the baby, the family is too big for their one-bedroom apartment. A letter from the Department of Homeless Services reviewed by The News cited, in Spanish, a “change in the number of household members” as basis for the move to the hotel.

    Nearly 60,000 migrants are currently in the city’s care, including nearly 20,000 kids, according to data shared at the most recent asylum seeker briefing. That day, 50 families with children had come through the arrival center that the city did not have immediate placements for — a figure that some days can topple 200 families, city officials said.

    In recent months, Flores has been in a holding period, uncertain about what comes next. The written notice was rescinded in April, but Flores said she’s been told verbally that the transfer is still “active.”

    The nonprofit shelter provider, Win, disputed a transfer is pending.

    There are larger units in the shelter with multiple rooms that have become vacant while Flores was living there, as shown in videos shared with The News. Flores said she has been passed over for these more suitable options, and does not understand why if the city deemed her one-bedroom apartment too small.

    Transfers are up to DHS and beyond Win’s authority, according to a spokesperson for the shelter provider. He said shelter staff can request a move within the same shelter, as he said they did for Flores, but those appeals may be rejected.

    DHS declined to comment directly on the family’s situation, citing state social services law and city privacy law, but pointed to the scale of the crisis as the agency faces dire capacity constraints.

    “We have responded with urgency and compassion to ensure that asylum seekers in need have immediate access to critical lifelines — safe shelter, food, and other essential services,” said DHS spokeswoman Neha Sharma.

    “We are prioritizing accommodations for families with children by household size and honoring approved reasonable accommodations while also working to ensure we are being compliant with key regulations and relevant oversight across levels of government.”

    Advocates and the local councilwoman, Shahana Hanif (D-Brooklyn), who also chairs the legislative body’s immigration committee, have rallied behind Flores. The mom has also received two letters of support from doctors at New York-Presbyterian’s pediatric clinic in Brooklyn, who provide services to the newborn.

    “[The] baby needs to reside in a safe place with [his] mother, where she has access to a kitchen to prepare meals as she is breastfeeding,” read a July 31 memo — while urging for more space for the other children, ages 3 to 11, to “limit disruptions” when the baby needs to be fed.

    According to Flores, she was twice reported for mistreatment, including most recently of her two-year-old daughter who left an elevator in tears when she did not want to get in the car. She said ACS reviewed video camera footage, and concluded these were no more than the cries of a two-year-old.

    “ACS has come breaking down the door of the apartment at 1, 2 in the early morning,” said Flores. “They have given me many scares, that never in my life had I been through this.”

    ACS declined to comment on the matter, citing state law that prohibits them from sharing case information or confirming family involvement with the agency. But a letter obtained by The News showed the case was closed in mid-June.

    Flores said she was also reported for leaving her children alone at the shelter, which she denied and said child protective services did not find evidence to support.

    The agency helped set Flores up with a free cradle and child care for undocumented children.

    The Win spokesperson said he could not comment on individual ACS cases. But he added that in all child protective investigations, one call to ACS can lead to multiple visits from the agency. Shelter staff are “mandated reporters,” according to Win and ACS, meaning they are legally required to call if they have reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect.

    But Flores remains in a state of fear, hoping for dignified treatment from a slew of city agencies and their contractors. The situation has taken a toll on her children, who are scared to start over again in a country where they are only just starting to adapt.

    “Nobody listens to me,” said Flores. “No one wants to help me inside the shelter.”



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    Deport this disgusting breeder with her litter of kids.

    Let her FIVE baby daddies pay for her shelter and food back home in Honduras.

    We owe her nothing!

    She will be pregnant with number SIX in the next 24 hours.

    Overbreeding in poverty and stupidity is not "asylum". Deny her case, send her back. She cannot leave her anchor rat here either.


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    This is the entitlement mentality these leeches have.

    She thinks CPS is inventing reasons to investigate her? I'd say since she shat out 5 sprogs already, with no stable work or shelter, she needs to be shipped back- law abiding citizens have had children taken away for way less.

    "I need the kitchen"
    "I need rice"
    "I need shelter"
    "No one listens to me"

    Cry me a river. These burdens on society need to be shipped back to wallow in the filth they created back home, and in this one's case- she needs her baby chute sewn shut.
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