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    State of Emergency ploy…The coming of Guestworker Open

    OK.......WHO IS THIS? I checked 8 pages to see if this was already submitted and could not find it.

    State of Emergency ploy…
    The coming of Guestworker Open Border, FTAA

    By Ronald King

    I write this for Our side, for Jim Gilchrist, Tom Tancredo and all Americans defending the U.S. an alert (a bit lengthy here but please read).

    Be wary and get ready, the Global Juggernaut is coming like pending doom and it plans to stomp away the U.S.- Mexican Border and turn the United States into 'the North American Community'. (see

    Just having been to a town hall meeting with Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC) she stated that Congress will be taking up, tackling the immigration issue this Fall. Myrick is taking a talking tough stand on illegal immigration because recently a NC family had been crashed into by a DWI illegal Alien that killed the husband (Scott Gardner) and left the 14 year old girl in coma. The illegal Alien had 4 previous DWI's and wasn't deported. The room was full of angry Americans. Myrick said that a group of Republican Congressman had gone before President Bush and told him that he will NOT get his way with a Guestworker program that yields open Borders. This was promising news, but then again it is just promises that can be watered down and bribed to eventually lead to amnesty and a so-called 'Immigration Accord' or "Guestworker Program" (like the McCain/Kennedy Bill) that erases the Border.

    THAT IS JUST WHAT IS IN STORE - the stage is being set.

    The recent State of Emergency declarations by the Governors of New Mexico and Arizona are a politics ploy (bait and switch) to push America into Bush's Guestworker program. Make things look urgent ("it's an emergency now") to set the stage for Legislators in the U.S. Gov't to hurry in with "Border Security and Immigration Reform in the form of a Guestworker Program" and say that they have a solution which ACTUALLY ultimately results in amnesty and effectively NO BORDER AT ALL. Because the Border is so "big and unenforceable" there is simply nothing else America can do but to accept Bush's Guestworker plan. See how Mr. Bush has created the problem but now he suddenly has the solution. See how the Bush Administration trys to make everything so Urgent and Emergency - it's "everything is National Security" time for Bush, again. Bush's select soldout Republicans like Jim Kolbe (AZ) and Chris Cannon (UT) are there to promote Bush's plans. Yes it is National Security – how about securing the Border??

    Many of us anti-ILLEGAL immigration advocates sense that the Feds will give Americans the enforcement they want but then only if the other side is appeased somehow (just like Gov't cheese - try to make all Parties happy). They want it both ways but that is impossible because it is a matter of U.S. Country. There has to be enforcement of U.S. territorial jurisdiction and the apparatus to apply it before Legal immigration can be allowed. Mexico needs to be refused any success of its illegal violations and start dealing with and choking on its corruption regardless.

    There really simply needs to be Border Enforcement and NO new legislation (unless it is strictly crackdown legislation) crafted but rather an enforcing of existing immigration laws which is to enforce the law that 'hiring illegal Aliens is ILLEGAL' to dry up the job magnet (this is where the rubber meets the road). The real deal is set with Vicente' Fox to appease mexico's illegal violations and have an open Border so "willing workers can meet with willing employers". Which by the way is exactly what Corporate cheap labor wants. An open Border also paves the way for the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas). See

    Governor Bill Richardson is a known illegal Alien supporter that has made Reconquista supporting quotes dating back to 1994. Richardson signed into law the allowance of illegal Aliens to get New Mexico Driver licenses in 2003. Richardson is suddenly playing "the Enforcer" to better his 2008 Presidential image. Bill Richardson needs to go work for Mexico and get off U.S. soil like others as well.

    Governor Napolitano is playing politics too. Talk enforcement then do nothing and fight any enforcement legislation. She has fought the improvisation of every little bit of Proposition 200 every step of the way. Time and again she has displayed her pro-illegal Alien ways.

    Now we see Fabian Nunez (State Dem of CA) go down to Mexico to talk pro-illegal Alien with Mexican officials meanwhile begging Governor Schwarzenegger to declare a State of Emergency. This is telling of what I said above. Write the CA Governor to tell him not to take the bait.

    Michael Cherthoff's fake border security ploy is the same old lies - look like they are doing something about Border Security when they (Bush Admin.) are actually doing nothing and hold a press release just to get Americans cooled down and off their backs. Not a peep out of Bush administration, State Department - Condi Rice about such urgent states of emergency.

    Cherthoff is the puppet of Bush Administration. The Following are the key statements of Michael Cherthoff that shows intent of NOT protecting America:

    ((Chertoff said he opposes the creation of citizen militias like the one that patrolled the border in Arizona earlier this year.

    "The border is a very dangerous place," he said. "This is not a place for people to play as amateurs."

    He also again urged Congress to pass President Bush's proposal establishing a new temporary-worker program, which would legalize entry of some migrant workers who now cross the border illegally. Enactment would almost certainly reduce the flow of undocumented immigrants, he said, allowing Border Patrol and immigration enforcement officials to focus on more serious offenders, or perhaps even terrorists, trying to enter the country.)) See

    In July, Business Week magazine was titled, Embracing illegals, and talked about how businesses are simply legitimizing illegal Aliens by doing business with them and giving them access. Just recently is that Banks have started giving illegal aliens mortgage loans!! This same Corporate lobby that backed CAFTA is the same thing the Bush administration will depend on. The Bush Administration will also bring the 'Family Value' shame on Republicans and also rap them on the head with the 'Latino/Hispanic Vote' worries. Team America Pac put out this alert on 8/17/05.

    "Recently when the majority leader, Tom DeLay, announced that no guest worker or amnesty bills would be considered by the House until we had border security, I knew we had finally scored big. At last our elected representatives were listening.

    But, the White House was listening as well. And they have determined that it's time to stop Tom Tancredo and "his wing of the party". Their plan was laid out in the Los Angeles Times this week, and, friends, it must be defeated.

    The White House is launching a full scale operation to they say "court Latino votes." They are planning a national campaign which promotes amnesty for millions, offers guest worker opportunities for millions more, and plans to demonize Tom Tancredo and all those who want our borders secure and our laws enforced.

    The White House has pulled together businesses and industries who hire illegal workers and, rather than prosecuting them, they are shaking them down! That is correct! According to the Los Angeles Times the political operatives who have been put in charge of this coalition have told the corporations they need to "contribute" $50,000 to $250,000 to finance the campaign! If they want protection to violate our laws they are going to have to pay for it, by golly! - The Mob would be impressed.

    Friends, we have the attention of the big boys. Congress is finally moving in our direction, thereby closing the window of opportunity for amnesty. So the White House must move now and they are."

    We all should write (fax) Majority Whip Tom Delay.

    The Governmental-Corporate forces (mainly in the CFR) are coming to grips that an open border is a pre-condition for the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) to be possible. How can there be an FTAA if mexico is rightly rebutted and the Border locked up secure. The Border situation and the fact that Americans in EVERY SINGLE U.S. STATE are dealing with thousands of INVADER ILLEGAL ALIENS means that Immigration is inextricably tied to the movement on the FTAA. All that Americans are asking for is LEGAL entry of their Country (that has a BORDER) and American communities instead of stampedeing pillaging and rude demands by Intruders.

    President Bush and his global cronies (more so let's not forget Vice President Cheney - there should be loud voice by our side at the VP - he is doing a lot behind the scenes!) are confident, uncaring and emboldened about their passing (bribery) of CAFTA and feels he can do about anything to strong arm Congress. Congress must be where we stay focused. We must stay focused on bringing excruciating 'heat' to Congressmen about Border/immigration. Any Congressemen voting for Open Border junk is to be "axed" in the next election regardless of the opponent. Other telling actions coming are:

    President Bush is to meet with the Chinese Prime Minister on Sept. 7.

    President Bush will go before the UN to give a speech on Sept. 17. This will be done to belittle the United States and put Americans at a small submissive level.

    Former President Clinton will speak (few days prior to Bush) at the UN about global issues (how America will have to foot the bill for the World and how America will come under UN influence).

    All this at the same time to belittle and overshadow the U.S. Border problem. As Mexico comes out blaring and Congress can sneak bad immigration "reform", Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is set to have Vicente Fox visit in Utah and unwelcome Invader Thief Fox will be traveling and violating in America again.

    The push is gigantic and many things are planned to happen at the same time right near to Patriot Day - 9/11. It is coming to a head..... The Global Juggernaut is coming.......

    Ronald King
    Americans for Legal Immigration
    North Carolina
    PO Box 9604
    Hickory, NC 28603

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    That's Ron. He is a supporter of ALIPAC that lives in Western NC and he posts here under RonBass.

    I will send him a note about publishing under the name Americans for Legal Immigration without authorization. It's a good article, but with his PO Box beneath our name, people could get confused.

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    As I've watched news breaking throughout the day and tonight regarding actions Bush is taking, I am very convinced that this article is correct.
    George Bush does not stop at anything in order to please Fox. Even with a catastrophe as terrible as what has happened in New Orleans, it appears he is busy at the drawing board with his good friend, Vicente Fox.
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    Here comes Guest Worker Plan. Time to protest in Washington.
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