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    Stricter Immigration Enforcement Could Come to Virginia

    Posted: 5:23 PM Aug 5, 2010

    Stricter Immigration Enforcement Could Come to Virginia
    Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) says he's trying reach an agreement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to train Virginia State Police to enforce federal immigration laws.
    Reporter: Michael Hyland
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    A proposal dealing with illegal immigration has divided some in the Valley Hispanic community.

    Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) says he's trying reach an agreement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to train Virginia State Police to enforce federal immigration laws. He says a formal announcement could come soon.

    There's a program called 287(g), which derives its name from a section of the Immigration and Nationality Act

    A few localities, including some in the Valley, are already a part of it.

    Critics say expanding it would make life more difficult for Latinos and their families. Some are also concerned it could lead to increased racial profiling.

    Gabby San Gabriel works at a store in Harrisonburg.

    She says she supports the proposal to allow state police to enforce federal immigration laws.

    "They should. They should ask people about their immigration status due to the fact that some people are trying to break the rules," says San Gabriel.

    Originially from Mexico, she says supporting stricter enforcement has not been easy.

    "I have been called racist, that I don't stick with my own people," says San Gabriel. "But they should respect the laws and they should respect the United States."

    Leticia Martinez works with San Gabriel but opposes this move.

    "That's like saying to me that you don't believe me that I'm born here, and I'm raised here," says Martinez.

    She says she's concerned about the possibility of more racial profiling.

    Del. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock) disagrees.

    "I think the playing of the race card is extremely unfortunate," says Gilbert.

    On the ICE Web site, a section about racial profiling reads, "Racial profiling is simply not something that will be tolerated; and any indication of racial profiling will be treated with the utmost scrutiny and fully investigated. If any proof of racial profiling is uncovered, that specific officer or department could have their agreement rescinded."

    Gilbert represents parts of Rockingham and Shenandoah counties which already have 287(g) agreements. According to ICE, five other localities in Virginia have those agreements as well.

    "I think those of us who are frustrated with this problem and frustrated with the continued burden on taxpayers want to see the federal government step up and secure our borders," says Gilbert.

    "I've got family that of course is not from here, but they just come here to work and have a better life for their family back in Mexico. We have nothing bad to do here. We cause no problems," says Martinez.

    Gilbert says it's now less likely Virginia will see an immigration law like the controversial one passed in Arizona, but he expects the General Assembly to take up the immigration issue this winter. ... ml?ref=434
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    Im glad that I voted for Gov. Bob McDonnell. He is doing a great job in Virginia. We need more politicians that will stand up for what is right.

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