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    Study: Immigration to Redistribute 26 Congressional Seats to Blue States

    Study: Immigration to Redistribute 26 Congressional Seats to Blue States

    December 2019

    John Binder

    BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images5:33

    The nation’s illegal and legal immigration system will help shift 26 congressional seats, primarily from red states, and redistribute them to mostly blue states next year, according to new analysis.

    Every year, the United States imports about 1.2 million legal immigrants who largely arrive to reunite with foreign relatives already in the country. This level of annual legal immigration is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of foreign workers who arrive on work visas every year and nearly a million illegal aliens who successfully enter the U.S.

    Research by the Center for Immigration Studies’ Steven Camarota and Karen Zeigler finds that annual illegal and legal immigration to the U.S. will redistribute political power in the form of 26 House seats away from a number of red states and towards massively populated blue states like California and New York.
    “To put this number in perspective, changing the party of 21 members of the current Congress would flip the majority in the U.S. House,” Camarota and Zeigler note.
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    Ohio, a swing state that voted for President Trump in 2016, will get three fewer congressional seats in 2020 due to mass immigration in other states. Michigan and Pennsylvania, also states that voted for Trump in 2016, will each have two fewer congressional seats. Wisconsin, a Trump-supporting swing state, will have its congressional seats cut by at least one.
    Red states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia, Camarota and Zeigler predict, will all get one less congressional seat in 2020. Smaller blue states such as Minnesota and Rhode Island will each receive one less congressional seat.

    Those seats cut from mostly red states will be redistributed to California, the most immigration-inundated state in the country. California, by 2020, is set to gain 11 congressional seats solely due to the fact that noncitizens, rather than just American citizens, are counted in congressional apportionment.
    Likewise, New York — where nearly 40 percent of residents are foreign-born — is set to gain four more congressional seats and New Jersey, with a more than 22 percent foreign-born population, will also take an additional two congressional seats.

    Texas, which has become increasingly blue due to immigration and out-of-state young people, will gain another four congressional seats, as will the swing state of Florida with its foreign-born population of 4.1 million.
    The deeply blue states of Illinois and Massachusetts, both of which went 55 to 60 percent for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, will each gain one congressional seat.

    As Breitbart News has chronicled for years, the counting of only American citizens to divide up congressional districts and electoral college votes would shift power away from the affluent, metropolitan coastal cities of the U.S. and towards middle America.

    If congressional districts were set by the number of citizens, the overall average population needed per congressional seat could decrease to about 670,000 citizens per district. This would give a stronger advantage for states with small illegal alien populations to gain and keep their current number of congressional seats.
    Camarota and Zeigler’s research is one component of how overall immigration is aiding in shifting power to Democrats and metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. In the upcoming 2020 election, about 1-in-10 U.S. voters will have been born outside the country.
    Ronald Brownstein, senior editor for The Atlantic, noted this year that nearly 90 percent of House congressional districts with a foreign-born population above the national average were won by Democrats. This means that every congressional district with a foreign-born population exceeding roughly 14 percent had a 90 percent chance of being controlled by Democrats and only a ten percent chance of electing a Republican.

    The New York Times and Axios admit that legal immigration at its current rate will continue shifting the American electorate more towards Democrat control, as discovered in the 2016 presidential election between then-candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    Among native-born Americans, Trump won 49 percent to Clinton’s 45 percent, according to exit polling data. Among foreign-born residents, Clinton dominated Trump, garnering 64 percent of the immigrant population’s vote compared to Trump’s mere 31 percent.


    The U.S. is on track to import about 15 million new foreign-born voters in the next two decades should current legal immigration levels continue. Those 15 million new foreign-born voters include about eight million who will arrive in the country through chain migration, whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country.

    University of Maryland, College Park researcher James Gimpel has found in recent years that more immigrants to the U.S. inevitably means more Democrat voters, and thus, increasing electoral victories for the Democrat Party.
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    Changing our country, our way of life, our peace and prosperity into the crime ridden, poverty stricken, and babaric way of life they came from. Many overbreed and never get out of poverty. We do not need more of this, more cultures from all over the World taking over our neighborhoods on a lifetime of welfare and food stamps. More crime.

    We have hundreds of thousands of our own homeless, broke, seniors and veterans to take care of. We have no housing. This has got to stop. Medical costs through the roof. Overcrowded schools.

    Already happening in every city they are placed in.

    Changing our local and state government offices into complete lawlessness, and bankruptcy, just like where they come from.

    These foreigners want to rush to come to America. They are not happy where they come from.

    They do not leave their ways behind, they are destroying this country. They are miserable here, they can stay home and be miserable there. We do not need it.

    Put a pause on all immigration for 10 years. These people need to stay home, solve their own problems and have peace and prosperity on their soil. Not bring their ideals, their culture here, hate us, and not assimilate into ours.

    Look at Omar, Tlaib, perfect examples that have infiltrated our government. Their hatred of our country, our ways, with an agenda to destroy us all.


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    Tell Your Governor not to consent to refugee resettlement
    (Special calls needed to 3 governors supporting the invasion)
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