Posted By Amber Athey On 10:55 AM 06/30/2017

A new study by the Media Research Center shows that broadcast networks gave 28 times more coverage to Trump’s “Morning Joe” tweets than they did Kate’s Law passing in the House.

In a pair of tweets early Thursday, Trump mocked MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski’s face lift and called her cohost and fiance Joe Scarborough “psycho.”

News networks immediately jumped on the tweets and dedicated much of their coverage to the boiling feud between Trump and “Morning Joe,” so much so that they almost completely ignored a pair of anti-illegal immigration bills that passed in the House late Thursday.

Among the evening broadcast programs, ABC and CBS didn’t mention the immigration bills at all, and NBC only talked about them for less than 30 seconds.

NBC’s Lester Holt briefly said of the bills:

“Meantime, in Congress today, the House passed legislation to crack down on illegal immigration, one of President Trump’s top priorities. One of the bills called Kate’s Law would impose harsher prison sentences on deportees who come back into the U.S. illegally. The other bill passed would strip federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities that shield undocumented immigrants from federal immigration authorities. The bills now go to the Senate.”

The same three networks led their programs with Trump’s “Morning Joe” tweets and collectively talked about the tweets for over 12 minutes.

Kate’s Law was a go-to talking point for President Trump during both his primary and general election campaigns.