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    Tancredo book top seller in LA ... E_ID=50958

    Tancredo book top seller in L.A.
    'In Mortal Danger' ranked No. 2 in N.Y., 3 in San Francisco

    Posted: July 7, 2006
    12:24 p.m. Eastern

    © 2006

    Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.
    Rep. Tom Tancredo's sizzling new book, "In Mortal Danger," was not just the top selling book at WND last week, it was also the top-selling book in Los Angeles, where Americans are most aware of the extent of the illegal-alien crisis.

    According to figures released by Bookscan, Tancredo's book ranked No. 1 in the nation's No. 2 market and No. 2 in the nation's top market – New York. It also ranked No. 3 in San Francisco, the nation's fifth largest book-buying market.

    Tancredo is famous for his efforts to reform U.S. immigration policies and secure its borders.

    In this book, the congressman addresses the question: "Could there be a time in the not-too-distant future when schoolchildren around the world will study about the rise and fall of the United States?"

    Tancredo lays out the case that the hub of Western civilization, the United States, is on course to the dustbin of history. Like the great and mighty empires of the past – superpowers that once stretched from horizon to horizon – America is heading down the road to ruin.

    I am presently reading this too. What a great book which EVERY American should read.
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    You know how sometimes you just can't help but smile?
    [b]Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.
    - Arnold J. Toynbee

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    Tancredo for President!
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    Am reading this book now. Going to pass it on to others when I'm done.

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    This is the greatest news! I hope Tancredo can find no one else to back for the presidency in 08 and has to run for the job himself. I would love to see Jeff Sessions be his running mate or Jim Gilchrist.
    Build the dam fence post haste!

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    Tom's book completly rocks! I have read it twice.

    When I first bought it, I couldn't put it down. Tom is right on the money with everything happening right under our noses.

    I would love to see Congressman Tancredo run for Pres. and beat out that liberal puke Hillary.
    She ought to be the first lady to be strung up at the gallows along w/ Specter, McCain and Kennedy for starters.
    "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results is the definition of insanity. " Albert Einstein.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CC
    Tancredo for President!
    Exactly, im not surprised at the book sales either, people are waking up and its about time!

    Just the mention of Hillary Clinton makes a my stomach turn, i can't stand that closet communist
    “In questions of power…let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” –Thomas Jefferson

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