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    Tancredo: Senator Kyl’s Stockholm Syndrome

    Senator Kyl’s Stockholm Syndrome

    by Rep. Tom Tancredo
    Posted: 06/04/2007

    U.S. Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona has outraged many Republicans by joining with Ted Kennedy in sponsoring and leading the fight for the new Senate amnesty bill. He has joined John McCain as the two most unpopular elected officials among rank and file Republicans in Arizona.

    Kyl has thus joined President Bush and Karl Rove in thinking that “statesmanship

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    Re: Tancredo: Senator Kyl’s Stockholm Syndrome

    Quote Originally Posted by Kate
    Senator Kyl’s Stockholm Syndrome
    All this does not make Jon Kyl an evil man. After all, General Benedict Arnold was not an evil man. The pundits of his time all believed the British would win the war.
    Benedict Arnold. Tancredo is really warming up now.

    Yet Arnold has gone down in history not as a hero but as a villain, a military traitor who, as commander of the American fort at West Point, New York, in 1780, schemed to hand it over to the British.

    Of his role in this conspiracy there is no doubt. His British contact, Major John Andre, was caught with incriminating documents in Arnold's handwriting, including routes of access to the fort. Arnold, fleeing down the Hudson River on a British ship, defended his treason in a letter to Washington, stating that "love to my country actuates my present conduct, however it may appear inconsistent to the world, who very seldom judge right of any man's actions."
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    I agree. If the shoe fits Kyl, and it does, he's a traitor to our country!
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    Tancredo is being all to kind
    [quote]In truth, Kyl is simply a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome: He adopted the thinking of his Senate captors. By saying that a bad bill is better than no bill at all, he shows the effects of political water-boarding. Too many weeks of closed door sessions with Ted Kennedy and George Bush can do that to you.

    [b]Kyl has bought into the Washington mantra that we must to “get it off the plate by 2008.
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