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    Targeting Illegals Who Have Overstayed Their Visas

    From stories that I've read, it seems that about 40% of the illegals in this country (perhaps 4 to 5 million, I would guess) of the 11 or 12 million are actually people who came here legally, as a tourist, student, etc, and then intentionally overstayed their visas. Does anyone know if the Federal Govt actively goes after these people, or perhaps goes after certain ones, like those from a certain country, etc?

    If caught, is it easier to deport a "documented" person who has overstayed their visa, than an "undocumented" person who has snuck across the border? Is the govt more likely to deport a person from Europe, Asia, or Africa over someone from South of the Border, or less likely? I hope these aren't silly questions...inquiring minds just want to know!

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    Hi Joe ! I think we've talked before, it's great to see you back.

    I have considerable experience regarding visa over-stayers. I think it is actually relatively easy for our government to locate visa over-stayers, but they just haven't been permiited to. They generally stay with a friend or relative for a brief time then branch out on their own. Many of them stay right where they said they were going and never even move away. The friend or family member "assists" in the carrying out of this crime.

    I do believe that the government will deport people from Europe, Asia, Africa, Haiti and other countries much faster than they will people from Mexico. I've observed that from living in one of the illegal capitals in the country, Miami, Florida.

    There is a family in Miami we are extremely close with. The parents have been in the US for about 7 years, now. The wife is from Europe and the husband is from a country in South America. Over the span of our friendship it has broken our hearts to watch them illegally bring in the brother of the husband as a student, and then he overstayed his student visa, and now his parents have come to the US and over-stayed their visa.
    My friend has told me the parents plan to overstay their visa permanently. They've sold their house back in their country, and they are now here for their retirement permanently. I can't tell you what it is like to be such close friends with people who do things like this to your country. We still talk, but the time span is beginning to become farther and farther apart in our talks and visits. I only WISH we had a president who would enforce our immigration laws so that people like us would not have to see things like this.

    It's rampant in south Florida, even further north where we now live. I wish every single person could see what I see everyday here in south Florida. It is so pathetic to watch the politicians not say a word about anything. The fact is, pretty soon an American who wants to run for office won't have a chance in Florida BECAUSE they are American. This is something you'd think many American politicians would recognize. Actually, here they already do not have a chance. Look at the "politician roster" in Miami-Dade county, and you will see. By the way, it used to be called Dade County, but for some odd reason they decided it needed to be called "Miami-Dade County".

    I'm sure you've heard the old Miami joke, "When the last American leaves Miami, be sure to bring the flag". Ostrich, that was a "joke". How sad to know that it was actually the truth.

    I have said it before and I'll say it again. There is no hope for Florida from about Ocala south. All that is left is the very northern part of the state, and they say the number of illegals from Mexico is really shocking the heck out of the people up there. North Floridians always looked at Miami in SHOCK and said, that won't happen here. Georgia is overwhelmed with illegals too. That really surprises me. But south Florida is hopeless.

    Judy doesn't like to hear me say that. I'm sorry but I feel that I'm speaking the truth. Once the Hispanic politicians take over, all hope for immigration law enforcement is over too.

    I know there are a few Hispanic politicians around the country who are trying, and I commend them with all my heart. I would love to be ABLE to vote for an Hispanic politician, but my experience tells me that it is a big risk, unless you're ready, willing and able to give up the English language and assimilate to some other culture. I tried that, and I decided that "I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK" !!

    Nice to talk to you Ostrich. Please keep up the good work.
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    dont forget oregon- over half a million - it is easy in some neighborhoods to see mostly mexicans . I go to the more expensive stores to avoid them

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