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    Tax debate during lame duck. No lame duck DREAM act?

    Looks like the Amnesty lobby got screwed by the Dems again.

    They were promised by Harry Reid and Dick Durbin that the DREAM act would be debated during the lame duck session. But as the article below explains, tax cuts will be debated during that time. Taxes is an issue that is very partisan, so I expect that this will drag on and take up a lot of time.

    Other issues that could take up time during the lame duck session are: Cap and trade, Card check, the Disclose act, more stimulus. All those have a higher degree of importance for Democrats and will likely try to pass them when no one is looking. ... -duck.html

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    Don't put anything past Harry. He loves to surprise.

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    cloture - The only procedure by which the Senate can vote to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter, and thereby overcome a filibuster. Under the cloture rule (Rule XXII), the Senate may limit consideration of a pending matter to 30 additional hours, but only by vote of three-fifths of the full Senate, normally 60 votes.

    Just one LOSER REPUBLICAN needs to get onboard. Now Open Wide.
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