Texas’s Most Remote Border Sector Will Break All-Time Migrant Apprehension Record

by BOB PRICE 12 Jul 2021

Big Bend Sector Border Patrol agents continue finding migrants risking their lives to illegally enter the U.S. in the nation’s most remote sector.

Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sean McGoffin tweeted images of agents finding large groups of migrants being smuggled into remote areas of the West Texas sector.

Agents assigned to the Sierra Blanca station utilized K-9 teams to make multiple arrests of migrants. The teams also found drugs.

Chief Patrol Agent Sean L. McGoffin

The Sierra Blanca K9 Unit has experienced multiple successful apprehensions of undocumented non-citizens and seizures of illegal narcotics. Sierra Blanca station is responsible for over 70 miles of international border and operates an immigration checkpoint on I-10.

6:54 PM · Jul 9, 2021

The Sierra Blanca station covers more than 70 miles of the most rugged, remote terrain along the Texas-Mexico border.

Elsewhere in the sector, Van Horn Station agents teamed up with Texas Department of Public Safety troopers deployed by Governor Greg Abbott under Operation Lone Star to apprehend more groups of migrants attempting to allude apprehension.

Chief Patrol Agent Sean L. McGoffin

Yesterday, Van Horn agents partnered with
@TXDPS to apprehend multiple groups of migrants that were actively trying to elude apprehension. Big Bend Sector agents and our partners often work long hours in harsh conditions to ensure national security. #teamwork

4:09 PM · Jul 7, 2021

The apprehensions are part of a trend of increasing illegal migration in the Big Bend Sector.

“We have seen a significant increase in traffic coming into the Big Bend Sector,” Chief Patrol Agent Sean L. McGoffin told Breitbart Texas in an interview this May. “It’s new for us. It’s new for our communities. It’s something we haven’t seen in the past.”

“So far this year, we’re well over 22,000 apprehensions for this sector,” McGoffin reported. “That is well above normal. The highest we ever had in a year was a little over 9,000 apprehensions.”

By the end of May, Big Bend Sector agents apprehended more than 25,000 migrants — an increase of 433 percent over the previous year. The overwhelming majority of these were single adult migrants who are subject to removal under Title 42 coronavirus protection protocols put in place under the Trump administration.