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Thread: Texas Fishermen Shot on Border by Suspected Cartel Gunmen

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    Texas Fishermen Shot on Border by Suspected Cartel Gunmen

    16 Mar 2017
    Roma, TX

    ROMA, Texas — Three fishermen riding a boat in Texas waters were shot by suspected cartel gunmen from the Mexican side of the border. One was killed while two others sustained injuries.

    Authorities responded to a call of shots fired in the rural community of Fronton, Starr County Sheriff’s Office Major Carlos Delgado said to Breitbart Texas. Local, state, and federal authorities found two fishermen who had been injured and a third killed by gunfire. The survivors are expected to recover.

    According to preliminary witness statements, the male victims had been fishing when a group of suspected gunmen began firing from the Mexican side for unknown reasons, Delgado said.

    The area where the shooting took place is not far from the spot where a U.S. Border Patrol agent and a Texas State Trooper were shot in November 2016, Breitbart Texas reported at the time. In that case, law enforcement officials were stuck by gunfire from an apparent battle between Mexican law enforcement and cartel members. The trooper was shot in the hip area while the agent was shot in the chest but was saved by his body armor and a loaded ammunition magazine.

    Just days after the shooting of the two lawmen, cartel gunmen murdered another Texas fisherman west of that region in the area known as Falcon Lake in Zapata County. Falcon Lake is an area commonly used by Los Zetas to smuggle large quantities of marijuana and migrants into Texas. The area is immediately south of Zapata and Starr Counties. In that case, two men were fishing when a another boat approached them from the Mexican side, leading to a confrontation and the two victims being shot at. One of the men died from his wounds while the second fisherman has since recovered. The gunmen returned to Mexico after that shooting.

    Falcon Lake is the same area where in 2015 Texas State Troopers on gunboats captured a top Los Zetas commander who was trying to sneak into Texas, Breitbart Texas reported at the time. In that case, authorities arrested Jose Manuel “Z-31″ or “El Borrado” Saldivar Farias, a regional leader for the cartel.

    Falcon Lake was also the scene where Los Zetas gunmen murdered David Hartley in 2010 while he and his wife were jet-skiing, Breitbart Texas previously reported. Hartley and wife Tiffany had been riding in the lake until an apparent failed kidnapping led to David being struck by gunfire, while Tiffany managed to escape.
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    And the deaths from this border war just keep mounting while Congress sits and Sanctuary Cities resist. Spare me another word from these traitors who pretend to care about people. They care only about the money lining their pockets from the cartels who control our border and the entire illegal immigration travesty.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    It must stop. If it takes the National Guard or military, our nation and Americans must be protected.

    We are beyond a state of emergency, we are states of emergency, devastated by millions of illegal aliens destroying our country. We have a worthless Congress, oblivious, uncaring to what is happening to the American people. Many don't seem to care, just keep the monies, the favors, the votes coming. They seem to often operate as foreign agents not representatives of the American people. Their feel good pandering and social justice talk and actions continue the transformation of the United States by foreign citizens who should not be here or permitted entry.

    We are infecting America with hate and haters from outside our borders.
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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    I believe this is the same lake that the husband and wife were on Jet Ski and the husband was shot to death, they chased the wife and tried to shoot her too. The husband's body was never found.

    This is an act of war. This is an invasion and they are killing too many American citizens. Mexico needs to be cut off as much as possible in foreign aid. Start turning each and every person right back around and get these people out of here.

    They have been ALLOWED to use and abuse our country for far too long and it is out of control They are more embolden, violent and aggressive towards our citizens and our law enforcement.

    We need to focus on trading with other countries and put a squeeze on Mexico to clean up it's act once and for all.


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    FALCON LAKE, David Hartley Murder, and Related Links

    with this seeming to go on for over a week and new stories every day, thought id make a post with a link to everything posted on here so far

    US man on jet ski shot in Mexican waters, Posted 9-30

    Mexican Pirates Attack US Couple on Falcon Lake, Posted 10-1

    Mexican pirates killing of American tourist creates outrage, Posted 10-2

    TX: Search continues for Falcon Lake victim, posted 10-2

    911 Call Details Murder on Falcon Lake, posted 10-4

    Wife, Mom Calling on Obama to Intervene in Search for Body, posted 10-5

    Mexico Lake Pirate Shooting Story Questioned, posted 10-5

    TX: Perry calls for Mexico probe of death at Falcon Lake, posted 10-5

    Texas sheriff exonerates wife in jet-ski murder Blames Mexico, posted 10-5

    Mystery Deepens Border attack on Lake; Denver Rally Planned. posted 10-6

    Mexican authorities resume search at Falcon Lake for Hartley, posted 10-6

    INTERNATIONAL FALCON RESERVOIR., posted 10-6, in General

    Rep. Poe Calls on Feds to Take Charge in Falcon Lake Investigation, posted 10-7, in General

    How 'Border Pirates' Case Barged into the Tx Governor Race, posted 10-7

    Mexico opens probe into reported death on Falcon Lake, posted 10-8

    Texas sheriff on Jet Skier: 'All we want ... is a body', posted 10-8

    TX: Congressman Cuellar Statement on Hartley disappearance, posted 10-8

    Mexico opens probe into reported lake shooting, posted 10-8

    Possible tiny drop of blood may be clue in Falcon case, posted 10-8

    Suspects Named In Border Jet Ski Murder, posted 10-10

    Six killed in gun battle in area being searched for David Hartley, posted 10-10

    Sheriff: Suspects Not identified in Falcon Lake Killing, posted 10-10

    DPS releases video of Hartley before his suspected death, posted 10-10

    Officials: No suspects in reported Falcon Lake shooting, posted 10-11

    Falcon Lake Mexican Investigator Decapitated, posted 10-12

    Mexican commander investigating missing tourist found DEAD. posted 10-12

    Mexican authorities confirm beheading in Hartley Case, posted 10-13

    Tiffany Young-Hartley, "No, I will not go to Mexico" posted 10-13

    State Department ‘Blissfully Silent’ on Murder Probe, posted 10-13

    Mistaken Identity May Have Triggered Falcon Lake Shooting, posted 10-13

    Despite warnings, Mexico still draws Americans, posted 10-13

    Mexican drug cartels declaring U.S. no longer controls border, posted 10-13

    Clinton Rejects Claims State Dept. 'Silent' on Falcon Lake, posted 10-14

    Mexican Officials Call off Hartley Search, posted 10-14

    Mexican Divers Stop Searching For David Hartley, posted 10-14

    Falcon Lake beheading 'message to the Americans'? posted 10-14

    Why Has Obama Not Sent In the Marines to Seize Falcon Lake, posted 10-14

    David Hartley's Mother Reacts To Secretary of State Clinton, posted 10-14

    American's shooting death brings scrutiny to cartel, posted 10-15

    Private detective: ‘Zetitas' killed Hartley, posted 10-17

    Wife gives 2nd Statement on Border Lake Shooting, posted 10-17

    Zapata residents worry town will be tainted by Hartley case, posted 10-17

    Texas sheriff mistrusts Mexico's border lake inquiry, posted 10-17
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