Friday, November 18, 2016 02:25 PM
By: Jason Devaney

A Texas lawmaker is trying to erase a state law that allows undocumented immigrant children to pay in-state tuition at public colleges.

According to The Hill, Republican Rep. Jonathan Stickland filed a bill Thursday that would rid the state of the 2001 DREAM Act. The law stipulates that illegal immigrant children must graduate from a Texas state high school in order to receive the tuition break.

Stickland wants to see that practice come to an end. He posted a message on Twitter Thursday afternoon explaining his decision to file the piece of legislation.

It is time to put Texas children first. That is why I filed a bill to repeal in state college tuition for illegals. #HB393 #txlege #tcot

ó Jonathan Stickland (@RepStickland) November 17, 2016

In a statement published by the Dallas News, Stickland said the issue of illegal immigration is in play.

"In order for us to stop illegal immigration in Texas, we must turn off the magnets that are bringing them here," he said. "We have to put Texas kids first, and that is exactly what this bill does."

The Hill reports that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in 2015 he would like to see the DREAM Act spiked from the state's books, but nothing came of it.

President-elect Donald Trump made illegal immigration one of his main points during his campaign. He has vowed to build a wall separating the United States and Mexico and said he would have illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. deported if they have a criminal record, according to The Washington Post.