Texas Mayor Sounds Alarm on Border Crisis: Illegals Are Robbing Houses, Getting Into Car Chases Every Day

By Samantha Chang
Published March 18, 2021 at 7:52am

A Texas mayor said the Biden administration’s border crisis has metastasized to such an alarming level that it’s unleashing a tsunami of criminal activity, including home robberies and car thefts.

Don McLaughlin Jr. is the mayor of
Uvalde (population: 16,277), which sits about halfway between San Antonio and Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

The state is represented by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, the son of a legal Cuban immigrant who has decried the harrowing
immigration crisis inflamed by President Joe Biden.

McLaughlin told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday that illegal aliens from 49 different countries have barraged his region, causing the local migrant holding center to burst at the seams.

“It’s gotten just totally ridiculous,” he lamented.

McLaughlin said home invasions have surged in Uvalde, which is also now averaging 10 to 12 car chases a week due to the influx of illegal aliens.

“I went to a wreck Friday night where they were pursuing a car. It rolled over. There were five immigrants in it,” he recounted. “And they were more mad that they got caught and were frustrated with the officers. And this is something we’re seeing every day.”

Like other cities across the country, Uvalde’s economy was crushed by the coronavirus-induced shutdowns, so local residents are still struggling financially.

This situation is being made exponentially worse because illegal aliens are resorting to home robberies and car thefts to survive in the economically depressed area.
“Our local ranchers are having their pensions cut, their houses are being broken into and they’re trying to steal their cars,” McLaughlin said. “It’s just gotten crazy.”

Unfortunately, the crisis is expected to get much worse. McLaughlin projects that southern Texas will be bombarded by 20,000 to 30,000 migrants by this summer.
A Customs and Border Protection official said the border is being barraged with more unaccompanied migrant children than the agency is able to handle.

We are taking in more UACs [unaccompanied alien children] than we can process,” the CBP official told Fox News. “I don’t see how we keep this many kids when we can’t find sponsors.”

McLaughlin said the siege has forced CBP officials to become babysitters. That is not their job, and that is not the role of the agency.

“It’s so full, they’re having to pull agents off the street and they’re ending up babysitting,” he said.

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The Biden administration blithely refuses to acknowledge the crisis it created, but McLaughlin urged it to address the border emergency now because it’s snowballing out of control.

“It needs to be stopped and we need to tell them to quit coming,” the mayor said.

On Tuesday, Biden
meekly exhorted the migrant caravans to stop inundating the United States.

However, the career politician revealed his true feelings in 2015, when he cheered on an “unrelenting stream of immigration” that will make white people the “absolute minority” in the U.S.

“Folks like me who are Caucasian of European descent for the first time in 2017 will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority,” he said gleefully.

“Fewer than 50 percent of the people in America from then and on will be white European stock,” Biden said.

“That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.”

Tellingly, Alejandro Mayorkas — now Biden’s homeland security secretary — sat next to him and smiled approvingly in 2015 as the Democrat made those comments.

Imagine the reaction if a Middle Eastern, Asian or African leader cheerfully wished for his or her native population to be eradicated by an “unrelenting stream” of immigrants of a different race.

Reminder: There are whole continents with numerous countries where whites are not the majority. If someone wants to live in an area where whites are minorities, they could move there. They don’t have to recreate other regions of the world everywhere they go.

Ironically, Democrats constantly screech that “diversity is our strength” while trying to homogenize the world into an incubator for left-wing propaganda.

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