Texas Sheriff's Deputy Saves Life of Stranded Illegal Immigrant - 80 Miles From Border

by Bob Price 15 Nov 2014, 6:08 AM PDT

FALFURRIAS, Texas – A Brooks County Sheriff’s Deputy rescued another illegal immigrant who had become lost, attempting to hike around the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint located 13 miles south of Falfurrias. The immigrant had recently entered the country illegally after having been twice previously deported.

Brooks County Deputy Eloy Galvan responded to a motorists call about an illegal immigrant who had found his way to U.S. Highway 281 that runs from the Rio Grande Valley sector of the Texas/Mexico border, northward into Texas. He had been dropped off early Friday morning and had gotten lost in the dark and rain. Galvan found the man walking along the shoulder of the northbound lane near the town of Encino. What the undocumented immigrant did not know what he was only about two or three miles south of his goal of getting around the checkpoint.

The immigrant, who spoke fluent English, told Breitbart Texas that he lived in New York state for about six years where he worked on a dairy farm. He was from Chiapas, Mexico. After being deported, he saved up his money and paid a smuggler about $2,000 to get him back into America. That attempt failed as he was captured along highway 281 and deported back to Mexico. Once again, he saved up his money for about two years and paid yet another smuggler another $2,000. This time he became separated from his group and after getting lost in the cold and rain, he decided to come out to the road and surrender.

He said he attempted to flag down a couple of Border Patrol vehicles who passed him right by. In fairness, Deputy Galvan and I also passed him by but saw him as we passed and turned around to pick him up. He was wearing all black on a very dark, cold, rainy, overcast night.

He said he had a wife and daughter in Chiapas he was trying to support. He was headed to Houston where he was told he would be able to work long enough to make money to complete his journey back to New York state and the dairy farms where he loved to work.

“These ranches are hard enough to navigate under the best of conditions,’ Deputy Galvan said. “It is not surprising that he would get lost in these rainy and overcast conditions. He was luck he found his way back to the roadway where he could get help before becoming weakened by exposure to the cold and rain.”

Galvan contacted Border Patrol who dispatched a van to pick him up and arrange for his transportation back to Mexico where he will start the process all over again.