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Thread: Thousands to “Dump the Trump” in march ahead of Dallas Trump Rally

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    Thousands to “Dump the Trump” in march ahead of Dallas Trump Rally

    Thousands to “Dump the Trump” in march ahead of Republican presidential front-runner’s American Airlines Center rally

    Danielle Grobmeier Email
    Published: September 13, 2015 1:27 pm

    Thousands are expected to march through downtown Dallas during Monday rush-hour traffic in protest of Donald Trump’s rally at the American Airlines Center.

    Members of the League of United Latin American Citizens 102 vowed to “dump the Trump” during a Sunday press conference announcing the march, which was organized by the north Texas chapter of LULAC.

    Domingo Garcia, president of LULAC council No. 102, lambasted the Republican presidential front-runner’s immigration proposals and controversial comments about Latinos.

    “The reason for the march is very clear,” Garcia said. “Donald Trump has become a very divisive and very intolerant figure in American politics.”

    Trump’s most recent propositions: to deport all illegal immigrants in less than two years and to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    “That’s a message that we believe needs to be countered,” Garcia said. “Especially here in Texas, which has had a bi-cultural, bilingual history since the beginning of its foundation.”

    Trump’s event will be packed. Tickets to the rally at the AAC, which seats about 20,000, were gone by Friday.

    But the volume of Trump’s rally didn’t dissuade Garcia’s hopes for a massive march turnout. Garcia’s estimate that “1,000-plus” marchers would attend was conservative, he said.

    In actuality, the LULAC rally could have several thousand attendees, Garcia said.

    Garcia said the march has endorsements from Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, State Sen. Royce West, Dallas City Councilman Adam Medrano, Dallas Independent School District board member Miguel Solis, Dallas County Schools trustee Omar Narvaez and members of the Tejano Democrats and LULAC.

    Marchers are asked to dress in red, white and blue.

    The march will begin at 5 p.m. at the Cathedral Shrine of Our Lady Guadalupe on Ross Avenue. Marchers will walk west on Ross Avenue, turn north on Houston Street and walk past the AAC.

    Marchers can then gather near the northeast corner of the venue for a short rally at 6 p.m.


    Trump's plan for our country will benefit Hispanic and Latino citizens as much as anyone if not more so in many areas of the country.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    Domingo Garcia, president of LULAC council No. 102, lambasted the Republican presidential front-runner’s immigration proposals and controversial comments about Latinos.
    Dallas judge rules that LULAC is within its rights to keep Domingo Garcia from seeking its top spot

    Robert Wilonsky
    Published: May 24, 2013 1:31 pm

    Domingo Garcia, at the time running for he 33rd Congressional District seats, prepares to address supporters gathered at the Kessler Theater on July 31 of late year.

    [Editor’s note: This story has been updated since it was originally posted.]

    Domingo Garcia’s chances of becoming LULAC’s next national president went from slim to none today, after a Dallas judge ruled that the organization had every right to ban him from taking its top spot.

    For the last two days Garcia and the League of United Latin American Citizens have been in 298th Judicial District Court Judge Emily Tobolowsky’s courtroom arguing over LULAC’s claim that the former state representative and Dallas City Council member is ineligible to run for its national presidency. Garcia and LULAC have been tied up in court for two months, as Garcia and his attorneys attempted to stop the group’s leaders from blocking his candidacy.

    This morning, Tobolowsky signed an order denying Garcia’s request for a temporary and permanent injunction. That means Garcia won’t be eligible to run at its national conference in Las Vegas next month — unless he can convince two-thirds of the registered and certified delegates to the conference to overrule LULAC leadership’s ruling that Garcia cannot be nominated.

    “And that won’t happen,” says San Antonio attorney Luis Vera, LULAC National’s general counsel.

    Vera didn’t know about the judge’s ruling until contacted by The Dallas Morning News. His first words: “God bless.”

    Larry Friedman, Garcia’s attorney, says he will appeal the ruling within 10 days.

    In part, writes Tobolowsky in the order below, she was “not disposed to interfere with the internal management of a voluntary organization,” per “long standing case law precedent” that dates back to 1937. She also reached back even further, all the way to an 1890 ruling by the Texas Supreme Court, to underscore her point that this is LULAC’s business, not hers.

    “A member of a voluntary association is bound by a sentence of expulsion against him lawfully rendered by a tribunal created in pursuance of its constitution, and clothes with that power,” she wrote, quoting the case Screwman’s Benev. Ass’n v. Benson. “By uniting with the society, the member assents to and accepts the constitution, and impliedly binds himself to abide by the decision of such boards as that instrument may provide …”

    In other words: If Garcia wants to be a member of LULAC, much less its president, he has to abide by its rules. And according to leadership, Garcia hasn’t been a member in good standing for four of the last six years, which renders him ineligible to be its president.

    “It was a very intense fight,” says Vera. “People are going to fight intensely about things that are important to them. We just thank God the judge ruled the way she did.”

    It’s still likely someone will try to nominate Garcia at the June conference, says Vera. If and when that happens, leadership will say he’s not eligible, at which point Garcia may attempt to convince attendees to overrule the national council. First, Garcia and his attorney will attempt to convince a judge to overturn today’s order.

    “I respectfully disagree with the judge’s ruling,” says Friedman, noting that LULAC was actually first to the courthouse when it sued to have Garcia declared ineligible. “This is distinguishable from any of the cases she cited, because in those cases the member sued the association. In this case the association sued the member, and in doing so they waive any right they have to complain about the court’s jurisdiction. They waive any right they have to complain about the judge interfering in the association’s doings.”

    Says Vera, Garcia “has the right to give us a hard time. If he wants to [make people upset] that’s up to him. That’s fine. And we are more than happy to sit down with him and make him part of LULAC. If he really wants to participate, we can do that. He just needs to realize we do things the right way, not just because he has a lot of money.”

    Ruling in Domingo Garcia v LULAC

    (click link at top of post to read the ruling)


    Sounds like LULAC National went to court to DUMP GARCIA!

    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    Over 160 LULAC councils lose tax-exempt status

    Raymond Ruiz / June 12, 2011

    According to IRS documents released on June 9, over 160 LULAC councils have automatically lost their federal income tax exemption because of failure to file an annual return for three consecutive years.

    The vast majority of the LULAC councils lost their 501(c)(4) designation, which is reserved for nonprofits that are organized to promote social welfare. Donations to LULAC councils that carry this designation are not considered charitable contributions and are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

    LULAC National Executive Director, Brent Wilkes, was not surprised to see numerous councils on the IRS list of automatic revocations.

    “We have over 900 councils, and the majority of those affected are small, grassroots councils that are more like committees rather than a brick-and-mortar nonprofit organization,” Wilkes said.

    According to Wilkes, some of the councils did not respond to repeated requests from national leadership to complete the proper IRS filings.

    Many of the smaller councils are raising modest amounts of money and are run by volunteer leaders that may not be well versed on IRS requirements.

    “No services will be discontinued, and I doubt it will affect the redistricting lawsuit pending in Texas,” said Wilkes when asked if community services LULAC provides will be affected.

    Texas had 43 LULAC councils lose their exemptions, the most of any state.

    Jose Jimenez, a former LULAC district director in Houston, agrees with Wilkes and says that the high number of LULAC councils on the list can be attributed to members with good intentions who often lack the business knowledge required to maintain a nonprofit organization.

    “What often happens is that when a council dissolves, they don’t file the necessary paperwork with the state or IRS to dissolve the organization on paper,” Jimenez said.

    Jimenez pointed out that LULAC councils don’t need permission of district or national leaders to create tax-exempt organizations so it makes it difficult to maintain the numerous tax-exempt filings that individual councils are creating.

    The biggest blow to the organization could come from the four LULAC organizations that had their 501(c)(3) status revoked. This is the traditional designation nonprofits carry that allows individual donors, grant foundations and business sponsors to deduct their contributions from federal tax returns.

    Nonprofits typically rely on grants from foundations and large donations from private donors for the bulk of their revenue. These entities and individuals usually require nonprofits to carry the 501(c)(3) status.

    The four affected LULAC organizations could potentially lose benefits that come with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status like reduced postage fees, discounts from businesses and sales-tax exemptions in some states.

    LULAC Youth Home Inc and LULAC Foundation, both located in Texas, lost their 501(c)(3) status.

    According to, the LULAC Foundation last filed an IRS return in 1998. The foundation was formed to fund educational projects for Latinos. The 1998 filing shows it gave $60,000 to Betti Maldonaldo to develop the film “The Becky Lee Diary” which depicts discrimination to young Latina women in professional positions.
    Wilkes plans to get many of the councils re-instated and look further into the organizations that lost their 501(c)(3) status.

    Nonprofit organizations that have lost their tax-exempt status may have to file federal income tax returns and pay applicable income taxes.


    It's kind of funny isn't it? You've got a rich lawyer, Domingo Garcia, who can't figure out how to abide the eligibility requirements to run for national office of LULAC, while LULAC's councils can't figure out how to maintain their 501 C 4 and 501 C 3 status by filing their tax returns with the IRS, who is organizing a DUMP TRUMP rally, when Trump's economic plan will do more for the welfare of Hispanic and Latino Americans in Texas, and every other state, than anything any other President has done.

    It's just bizarre it's so crazy!
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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