Tombstone Awaits Arrival of Minutemen
By J.D. Wallace, KOLD News 13 Reporter
posted 3/31/05

As many as 1300 members of the Minuteman project will try to seal the border over the next month by reporting illegal border crossers.

"The people could walk right by us, right through the fence if they want, and we're not going to approach them. If they need water or something like that, we'll have water,� Crawford said.

Many of the campers at Tombstone RV Park and Resort are members of the Minuteman Project. There are still many spaces open, which is expected to change.

“The weekend, we'll be totally full I'm sure,� said co-owner and manager Russ Jennings.

Farther into town, more business is expected as a result of the Minuteman Project, even if right now all local merchants can do is wait.

"More business is always welcome, but, the good kind is always better,� said Gretta Collier, a bartender at the Crystal Palace.

And there's a loaded subject pointed at Friday.

"It's a small weapon, it's slight, and it's got some potent ammunition,� Crawford said as he showed the semi-automatic pistol he wears in the desert.

It’s something that Crawford says volunteers are not discouraged from wearing, but must treat with care.

"(The illegal crossers) are not endangering me, so if they run I better not shoot them. If they run, let them run. I have reported them to the border patrol,� Crawford said.

Tombstone citizens hope to see from all volunteers practicing that kind of responsibility.

"They're here just to bring attention to the fact, and every one of them that I talked to expressed the concern nothing unlawful happen,� Jennings said.

"I mean most of them are qualified. I don't know how well of a check they do of these people that are on the border. I do know we can use all the help we can get. I just hope it's the right kind,� Collier said.

The month-long Minuteman Project kicks off at ten in Tombstone on Friday morning. The volunteers will be coming and going throughout April; therefore, not all 1200 to 1300 should be expected on the first day.