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    Tribute To Immigration’s Terry Anderson

    Tribute To Immigration’s Terry Anderson


    by Frosty Wooldridge

    LOUISVILLE, COLORADO -- (OfficialWire) -- 05/03/05 --

    If you ain’t mad, you ain’t payin’ attention!" a volcano-sized voice booms into the microphone on the Terry Anderson Show each week. "What we need is more righteous indignation from Americans."
    He speaks about the ongoing illegal alien invasion, now totaling over 20 million, facing all Americans. These law breaking foreigners from all over the globe devastate every community in America. Their major impact, however, crushes Black America by undercutting jobs and stealing community services from America’s working poor.

    One in every four African-Americans is out of work. Two of four are out of work in New York City. Illegal Mexicans, Chinese, Russians, South Americans, Africans and dozens of other nationalities steal and undercut jobs from Black Americans. Forbes Magazine, March 2004, featured a human smuggling network exceeding $7 billion annually. At three million illegal aliens crossing US borders each year, it’s taking a shocking toll on Black America.

    Where Dr. Martin Luther King marched for freedom in the 60’s, Terry Anderson, a radio talk show host in Los Angeles, leads the assault on an even greater crisis facing African-Americans in the 21st century.

    Two years ago, the Federation for American Immigration Reform celebrated Anderson as the ‘Man of the Year’ at their annual conference. One of the members of the audience during a question and answer period thought Anderson should tone down his delivery so as not to offend other minorities. Within seconds, he jumped all over the hapless fellow with, "We don’t need to make them feel better for being here illegally-we need RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!"

    I shared the podium with Anderson that night and I shrank back from his intensity. He wears overhauls with a plaid shirt most of the time. Silver streaks pepper his black hair on a commanding frame. He’s not somebody you want to pick a fight with, physically or verbally. He’s quick as a cat with his verbal courage.

    On April 20, 2005, 60 Minutes featured Terry Anderson as one of the most outspoken Americans to expose the illegal alien invasion. The moderator told Anderson that illegal aliens worked jobs that janitors wouldn’t do any more in California. Anderson replied, "Yeah, they used to work for $11.00 an hour and it would be $15.00 an hour now, but illegals work those same jobs for $5.00 an hour. It’s not a livable wage. That’s what Bush is doing to America’s poor with his mindless chant about them not wanting to do those jobs."

    It makes anyone wonder if Bush wants Americans to live 20 to a house with such low wages or should that kind of economic slavery be reserved for illegal aliens cowering in the shadows?

    Seconds later, 60 Minutes cut over to the Cargill Meat Packing Solutions plant, Schuyler, Nebraska, where hundreds of illegals had taken jobs away from American citizens. Note that American meat packing workers in 1980 earned $17.10 an hour with benefits. With illegal aliens, it’s $7.00 an hour with no benefits. They also live 15 to 20 to a house. Along with the rampant fraud, Federal OSHA rules or inspections no longer apply in the plant. Illegals drive illegally, don’t carry insurance and flee when they get into accidents. It’s a new form of 21st century slavery. A few CEO’s at the top make millions while their slaves slice the beef. But the Middle Class swallows all the billsâ€

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    Mr. Anderson you have said it all. Even the spinless need to take up the
    battle now. It is time for all units to unite!!
    Americans! Economic terror is just as disasterous as physical tyranny; infact, they are one and the same.

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