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Thread: Trump: My Muslim friends don't support my immigration ban

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    Trump: My Muslim friends don't support my immigration ban

    Trump continues to emphasize Muslim friends' concern about terrorism

    UPDATED 12:04 PM EST Dec 13, 2015
    Eugene Scott

    WASHINGTON (CNN) —Donald Trump said his Muslim friends are "so happy" he is discussing the issue of Islamic fundamentalism -- but they do not support his proposal to ban Muslim immigration to the U.S., he acknowledged.

    "I have many friends that are Muslims, and I will tell you, they are so happy that I did this because they know they have a problem," Trump told CNN's Jake Tapper in an interview that aired Sunday on "State of the Union."

    "They support a ban on Muslims entering the U.S.?" Tapper asked.

    "No, they said it's about time that somebody spoke up as to radicalism," Trump responded. "You have radicalism in this country. It's here, and it's trying to come through."

    Trump continued to emphasize his Muslim friends' concern about terrorism.

    "When my friends call me up, and they call me up very strongly, and they say -- these are Muslims -- and they say, 'It's something, Donald, that has to be talked about,'" he said.

    "But they don't support the ban?" Tapper asked.

    "Not really. I mean, why would they support the ban?" Trump answered. "But without the ban, you're not going to make the point. You're not going to be able to make the point."

    Trump said he's been told he's doing Muslims "a favor."

    "Again, my relationship with the Muslim community is excellent. I've had people call me at the highest level saying, 'You're doing us a favor' because they know they have a problem very well. They really know they have a problem," he said.

    But Trump's Muslim friends aren't the only people who oppose the temporary ban against Muslims.

    A majority of U.S. adults oppose Donald Trump's plan to ban all Muslims from entering the country, according to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

    And shortly after Trump's proposal, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined other world leaders in condemning the plan.

    Trump canceled a planned trip to Israel to meet with Netanyahu following the prime minister's response. But Trump denied that world leaders are "distancing themselves" from him.

    "I saw Netanyahu put out a statement distancing himself from you," Tapper said.

    "They're not distancing themselves. I had a meeting with Natanyahu. I could be at the meeting right now," Trump said.

    "But he condemned your remarks is all I'm saying," Tapper replied.

    "He did, and that was sort of interesting. He modestly condemned them, and I thought it was sort of inappropriate that he condemned them, but that's OK. He wanted to condemn them, that's what he does. OK? But we have a problem," Trump said. "I'm not looking to be politically correct. I'm doing this to do the right thing. This and other things. When I say this -- I'm running to do the right thing. I'm doing the right thing. Our country has a problem. People are in fear. They're waiting for the next attack."

    Trump also said he wants to discover why terrorists have "total hatred" for the U.S.

    "We want to find out what's going on. Here's what I want to ask: Why is there such hatred? Why is there such death? Where does this hatred come from?" he asked.

    "I want to at least know where it's coming from. Why is it happening? And it's from a group of people. It's from a specific group of people. OK? Why is there such total hatred?"

    "We have to know the answer, or we're never going to have a safe country," Trump added.
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    Trump is absolutely right on this and Americans who are standing up for foreign Muslims are treating fellow Americans like sheep on a tribal slaughter table.

    Foreign Muslims who want to condemn Donald Trump are the problem, not the solution. If they were interested in solutions they would have already arrested and prosecuted every single one of these Shariah Law and Jihadist sociopathic wackos, instead of hiding their true beliefs by burying their heads the sand and hiding behind our Constitution which doesn't apply in any way to foreign Muslims wanting to enter the US, instead of their own Constitutions which hold the very religious doctrine we're fighting as the Highest Law of Their Lands.

    As to American Muslims, I believe there are two groups, the multi-generation American citizens who were born here, to parents and grandparents and so forth who were raised here, and for one reason or another became part of the American Muslim religion, which is fine, that's their right, so long as the doctrine doesn't break our laws.

    Then there are the Foreign Born Muslims who are immigrants or naturalized citizens, who are not part of the American Muslim religion, they are part of the foreign Muslim religious doctrine and defend it rather than condemn it and teach it their children including those born here.

    So how do you differentiate between the two in protecting our country? There is no way to do that, so the minimum one can do is what Trump proposed, prevent any more foreign Muslims from entering the US to establish residency here and better vet travelers who are here as tourists and business visitors. But those visas give you 90 days, which is more than long enough to plan a terrorist attack, so even those need very careful vetting and until we have at least some semblance of a system, then what do you do? You have to just grind it all to a halt with exceptions for those whom you know well and know would not be involved with such a thing, legitimate employees or owners for well-known foreign businesses, diplomats and some wealthy tourists who wouldn't risk their assets and so forth by participating in a terrorist attack.

    I would like to ask the media a question. What do you propose to stop Muslim Terrorism in the United States? Nothing? That's sure what it sounds like, nothing. After all, terrorism and threats of it are big news business, right? So you make money off of terrorist attacks, right?

    Robert Murdoch and Sean Hannity are so far the only two people in the media that's seen or heard express a proper response to Trump's plan. While I've not been any fan of Robert Murdoch, I am really grateful to him for supporting Trump's plan which proves at least he is not interested in earning news profits off of Muslim Terrorism in the United States.
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