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    Trump says mid-term elections must focus on Democrats’ ‘dangerous’ immigration polici

    Trump says mid-term elections must focus on Democrats’ ‘dangerous’ immigration policies

    By Dave Boyer - The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 21, 2018

    President Trump is giving congressional Republicans his recipe for victory in this year’s mid-term elections, and it includes highlighting Democrats’ “dangerous” immigration policies, including their support of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

    During a fundraising dinner for Republican candidates Tuesday night, the president said the GOP needs to remind voters that Democrats are out of touch with mainstream America on a broad range of issues, especially border security.

    “Nowhere in the Democrats’ extremism — nowhere can you see anything displayed more clearly than on immigration,” Mr. Trump said. “A vote for House Democrats is truly a vote for open borders — people pouring into our country. If House Democrats control the committees and control the floor, they will block every single effort to secure our borders and to defend our communities.”

    The administration is suing California over its decision to offer illegal immigrants statewide sanctuary from deportation by federal agents. The president said sanctuary cities must become a campaign issue for Republicans.

    “Nearly every House Democrat voted in favor of sanctuary cities,” he said. “They voted to release criminal aliens to prey on innocent American lives. Republicans believe our cities should be safe havens for law-abiding Americans, not for criminal aliens or illegal immigrants.”

    He said it’s time for Congress “to stop funding sanctuary cities so we can restore the rule of law.”

    “The American people are with us,” Mr. Trump said. “Let’s fight to save those incredible American lives.”

    The president noted that House Democrats also voted against a “common-sense” bill known as “Kate’s Law,” which would increase the penalties for deported aliens who try to return to the U.S. The House passed the bill with overwhelming Republican support, but only 24 Democrats voted for it, and the legislation is stalled in the Senate.

    The bill is named for Kate Steinle, a San Francisco woman killed by an illegal immigrant who was in the U.S. despite multiple deportations.

    Mr. Trump said Democrats also voted against legislation to keep gang members such as MS-13 out of the U.S.

    “These are extreme and dangerous positions. They make no sense,” the president said.

    On the expired amnesty program for young illegal immigrants known as DACA, Mr. Trump said Democrats are blocking a solution that would involve funding to build a border wall.

    “They don’t want DACA,” Mr. Trump said. “They want to use it as a political football. And guess what? I think it plays better for us than it does for them because we want to do something for the 800,000 [illegal immigrants under DACA], and they don’t. So it’s been a little bit of change of position, and we’re going to win that one every time.”

    He added, “DACA is very much tied to the wall, and we have to have the wall. For the drugs that are pouring into our country, and for the people that we don’t want in our country, we’re going to have the wall.”

    After listing Democrats’ weaknesses on a variety of issues, Mr. Trump offered his prescription for GOP victory in November.

    “Here is our message from the coming election to the American people: If the Democrats ever got back into power, they would vote to raise your taxes; release dangerous criminals; open your borders; shut down this great surge of American energy that is tremendous for jobs, tremendous for the economic wellbeing of our country, and, frankly, helping the world,” he said. “They would take over American healthcare; take away your Second Amendment; and ship away your jobs to other countries, like has gone on for so many years. And those days are over. That’s why we need strong Republican majorities.”

    About twice as many incumbent House Republicans are retiring this year compared with Democrats. The party that controls the White House typically loses congressional seats in the mid-term election.

    Mr. Trump said he will be on the campaign trail continuously this fall to “tell the truth over and over again.”

    “A vote for a House Democrat is a vote for higher taxes, open borders, and the destruction of American jobs and American wealth,” he said. “It’s also the destruction of the American Dream. It’s a dream, and they’re destroying that beautiful dream. While Democrats denigrate our history, Republicans believe young Americans should be taught to have pride in America’s achievements and to treasure our truly incredible heritage.”
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    All the Democrats have to do to win big in the 2018 is focus on Trump's broken promises on immigration issues.
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