Justin Caruso

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went back and forth with talk radio host Howie Carr Thursday, questioning the immigrant crime and the ignorance of it by the “ruling class.”


After Carr recounts an example of immigrant crime from Boston, Carlson asks, “I guess what confuses me is I‘m not arguing that only immigrants commit crime, Americans commit crime too. But when immigrants commit crime, the ruling class falls all over itself trying to pretend it didn’t happen and makes excuses for it. Why is that? Where does that impulse come from?”

Carr answered, “I think it’s just guilt, Tucker, I think this goes back, this is the way it goes all the way back to the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 with Ted Kennedy and somehow we had to–I don’t know, expunge our guilt. I don’t feel any guilt. People are coming over here and they have more rights as they arrive than American citizens.”

The Daily Caller co-founder responded, “I don’t understand, it’s such a great country. Why do the people who run it hate it so much, and hate the people who live here so much? It’s perverse.”