Two former officers shot to death in Tijuana

Por: Omar Millán 30 Junio 2011 @ 7:05 am
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Tijuana.- Two former municipal police officers were shot to death Wednesday morning in an eastern district, authorities announced.

The killings pushed Tijuana’s total number of violent deaths so far this year to 268, some 110 less than the same period last year.

Meanwhile, the mayor announced the city’s anti-corruption program would move next to the police division in Los Pinos, coincidentally the same area where the two officers were shot to death.

Baja California’s Attorney General’s Office reported that the officers were killed around 6 a.m. They were identified as Juan Carlos Salgado Villada, 30 years old, and Jaime Moreno Guillén, 34, both formerly on the force. The agency said the murders may be related to street drug-dealing.

Their bodies were found on Privada Par*s street in the Chapultepec Californias neighborhood, in the Los Pinos district. A total of 16 spent 9 mm shells were recovered.

Ferm*n Gómez, the state’s deputy attorney general for organized crime, said the majority of the violent deaths that occurred in the city this year are tied to groups that sell drugs on the street.

“There continues to be a dispute among groups of drug dealers,