by SBG San Antonio Tuesday, October 2nd 2018

Leonicio Montano-Gomez (left) and Jose Arturo Contreras-Figueroa (right). (Photos: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

SAN ANTONIO -- Border Patrol agents at two South Texas stations have arrested two sex offenders.

The first incident happened on Sept. 27 when Eagle Pass agents arrested Mexican national Leonicio Montano-Gomez, 47, after he crossed the border and entered the United States illegally, according to a news release. Records revealed that he had an extensive criminal history, including a conviction for second-degree rape in Oregon in 1993 where he served 24 months in prison.

On Sept. 28, Uvalde agents arrested Salvadoran national Jose Arturo Contreras-Figueroa, 45, for illegally entering the country as well. Further investigation revealed he also had an extensive criminal history. He was previously convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 13 years of age in Virginia in 2015, according to a news release. He served five years in prison.

Since both were previously deported, they now face charges of re-entry after deportation, which carries a max sentence of 20 years in prison.