TX AG Paxton: Biden ‘Actually Helping the Cartels, and He Knows It’

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31 Jan 2024

Tuesday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accused President Joe Biden of knowingly aiding Mexican drug and human trafficking cartels by working against long-standing border policy and the Texas government’s effort to protect its border.

“You know, Ken Paxton, let me ask you because there was a deadline of Friday, and it seemed like Joe Biden was setting up a showdown at Eagle Pass in Texas between, you know, National Border Patrol agents and the Texas National Guard,” FNC host Sean Hannity said. “He was being urged by Democrats to federalize the Texas National Guard. The best thing to come out of that is Border Patrol agents have spoken out in solidarity with Texas National Guard.

They have no intention of cutting the razor wire and they have no intention of having a showdown in Texas against fellow law enforcement people or military people.”

“From the beginning, Joe Biden has ordered Border Patrol to do things that they did not want to do, which is just not do their job,” Paxton replied. “Not just not do their job, aid and abet the cartels to get as many people in here as fast as possible. And he’s been doing that the entire time he’s been in office. And I’m grateful for law enforcement in Texas and Border Patrol because they do care about their jobs.

They do care about protecting not just my state but the entire country. And it’s clear that Joe Biden is not just not doing the job, he’s actually helping the cartels, and he knows it.”

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