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    TX: Local, state agencies meet to discuss illegal immigrants

    Local, state agencies meet to discuss illegal immigrants and crime

    08:57 PM CDT on Thursday, July 2, 2009

    By Brad Woodard / 11 News
    HOUSTON -- When slain HPD officer Henry Canales was laid to rest this week, thousands gathered to pay tribute to a man whose love for his work was surpassed only by his love of family.

    ‚ÄúHe loved us more than anything in the world and he will always be in my heart,‚Ä
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    A meeting hosted by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
    Liberal Wacko!!!!!!!! Would sell her own family to fund welfare for illegal aliens.

    Bad as Boxer or worse?

    The Hill, During a full flight on Continental Airlines Jackson Lee was denied a complimentary upgrade to first class. According to a witness interviewed by the Capitol Hill newpaper, "When she saw that she had to sit with other people, she started shouting that she was in Congress and worked hard. She was really loud. Everybody in the plane could hear."
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    If Libs want to support illegals they can support them.

    I think the problem is easily solved, let the liberal idiots that want us to financially support illegals financially support the illegals themselves without our help. And the rest of us can decide for ourselves if we want to give our hard earned ridiculously highly taxed money over to the Libs to support illegals. I vote "NO" the illegals are not only NOT welcome in our country, they don't deserve to be given ANY help via my taxs or the taxs of other legal Americans.
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    Mayor White says resources could be used in other ways
    And people that think like you Mayor White is why we are in this terrible mess now! Do these crazed people not see how things get when a problem goes unchecked for long periods of time?

    Look at our economy and our structure of government. Obama trying his best to get around the checks and balances in our governmental structure.
    "When you have knowledge,you have a responsibility to do better"_ Paula Johnson

    "I did then what I knew to do. When I knew better,I did better"_ Maya Angelou

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    I have talked to several police officers in Houston and they all say the same thing. They are frustrated with their jobs and leadership. I was told that they put their lives on the line every day dealing will criminal illegal aliens. When they finally arrest one, they are back on the streets quicker than the paperwork can be filed. One of them told me that when the public sees them in coffee shops and sitting in parking lots doing nothing it because it just not worth it any more. Our mayor and police chief have cause moral in our law enforcement to be at an all time low. Because of this citizens of Houston and surrounding areas are left to fend for themselves.

    Sheila Jackson-Lee for what ever she is worth, ask to sit down with US Border Watch of Houston at this meeting and discuss what can be done to solve some of the problems in Houston. I guess she is not smart enough to figure it out for herself?
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    In the letter, union president Gary Blankenship criticized what he calls HPD's outdated policy of not allowing officers to question suspects about their immigration status when there's probable cause.
    "We the People" want even traffic ticket recipients legal status checked.
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