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    TX- Mayor "Sanctuary City" Bill White want to Lead

    During Mayor "Sanctuary City" Bill White's comments this afternoon he stated he would solve the problem of the HIGH drop out rate of Texas students; but the fact that Houston is a sanctuary city allows for this circumstance to exist while we continue to attempt to educate the ILLEGALS and their ANCHORS the rate will never drop. Our elected officials "wink" off ILLEGALS as not being criminals and the ILLEGALS feel they are welcomed. Of course they are by our Elitist Politicians and their Elitist Contributors. ILLEGALS believe they can do NO wrong and that is supported by the assistance they receive from the ILLEGAL EMPLOYERS Chamber of Commence, Big Labor, Elitist Contributors and their Elitist Politicians.
    It is just another benefit of living in a Sanctuary City! The taxpayers again are allowed to support the Special Interest Groups by furnishing just another benefit for the ILLEGALS. Again, just follow the Money.
    Of course JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY of the Political Contributors benefitting from the Sanctuary city. Our FAMILIES are at the mercy of ILLEGALS and their Anchors being murdered, raped, infected with disease, or robbed. We can see the results of the ILLEGAL invasion in our courts every day!
    You can thank White for his Sanctuary City Policy and maybe he can extend to a Sanctuary State Policy; Drugs furnished by the ILLEGALS, Drug Wars by the ILLEGALS, United States Citizens murdered by the ILLEGALS but not to worry the Sanctuary City of Houston Texas will continue to furnish Cheap ILLEGAL Labor for the Elitist Political Contributors and Special Interest Groups of course they feel safe in their Gated Communities. If you venture out and you are murdered by an ILLEGAL Drunk Driver or you are a Police Officer murdered by an ILLEGAL during the commission of a crime or a traffic stop or a United States Citizen is in the "wrong" place (Sanctuary City of Houston) and caught in the cross fire just remember. Our Elitist Politicians and their Elitist Political Contributors consider these murdered as a SMALL SACRIFICE for THEIR CHEAP LABOR!

    White, Perry lock down governor bids
    Houston mayor enters running today; governor going for unprecedented third full term
    Dec. 4, 2009, 11:

    White can win, but it won't be easy Mayor Bill White will formally enter the race for governor today, instantly becoming the Democrats' best hope of winning a statewide office in seven years.

    White, a three-term mayor who is balding and known for something of a bland personality, is expected use self-deprecating humor to tell a Hilton Americas crowd of supporters that he knows he is not a “perfect candidateâ€

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    If White wins, Texas could become the first sanctuary state in the USA. Between this idiot, Kay Baily Hutchinson and Farouk Shami, Rick Perry is looking better and better.
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