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    U.S. 'Concerned' About Korean Illegals in U.S. Schools ... 60002.html

    U.S. 'Concerned' About Korean Illegals in U.S. Schools

    The U.S. has called Seoulís attention to the increasing number of Korean children deported for attending U.S. public schools on visitorsí visas. A government official said the U.S. Embassy in Seoul in a consular meeting with Korea on Friday made it clear that it will clamp down. ďA senior U.S. official expressed his concern about the disadvantages such illegal acts by Korean parents can bring to their children in the future,Ē he added. Another government official said dozens of such cases are reported in some U.S. cities.

    Most U.S. public schools do not check foreign studentsí visa when they enroll. But the Department of Homeland Security is serious about tracking down students who enter the country on a visitorís visa and stay after it expires. The embassy said if children are found out, they will not only be deported but risk being blacklisted.

    According the Korea Educational Development Institute, 12,127 Korean elementary and secondary school students were studying in the U.S.

    Meanwhile, Korea and the U.S. on Friday adopted a roadmap to help Korea meet the requirements for the U.S. visa waver program. It requires the two nations to cooperate in immigration control, anti-terror measures and airport security.

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    I haven't heard anyone South of the Border, being blacklisted!

    Our government must be playing favorites here!
    Do not vote for Party this year, vote for America and American workers!

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