U.S. Representative, Dist. 1

October 4, 2008

Democrat Pete Visclosky has not responded.

Name: Mark Leyva

Web site: www.markleyva.com
Hometown: Highland

Office sought: U.S. House, Dist. 1

Political party: Republican

Age: 49

Occupation: Union carpenter, IL #434

Community involvement: St. James Parish (Usher)

Family: Divorced; one son

Why did you decide to run for office? I want the voters to have a candidate they can be proud of voting for.

What is the most pressing issue facing our nation? Gas prices. I am in favor drilling responsibly in places like ANWAR, offshore along continental waters, and anywhere else we could find oil. We also need to develop clean energy such as wind, solar, and natural gas. I would also try to reverse the legislation from 1999 that allowed the speculative market to invest in gas and commodities that is another factor for high gas prices.

What is an issue you see that will be a concern to voters in the future and what would you like to do to take care of it? Social Security, I work to bring back the lock box on social security and prevent illegal aliens from collecting social security. So the next generation of senior citizens will have something when they retire.

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