Undemocratic, Unchecked Mass Immigration Will Destroy the USA – Soon

By M Dowling - January 30, 2022

The US administration’s sudden concern about other country’s identities and borders strikes one as hypocritical and insincere as these same people foist mass immigration on the US — undemocratically.

Kamala Harris said she has respect for each country’s identity while referencing Central America. It was a lie, but the real irony is that our country’s identity is being washed away with mass immigration. She has no respect for our identity.

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Kamala Harris says she “rarely, if ever” refers to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador as the ‘Northern Triangle,’ out of respect for each country's "identity."

Seems like a weird thing to lie about


12:48 PM · Jan 28, 2022

Our so-called leaders say we must protect Ukraine’s borders but not our own. That shouldn’t make any sense to anyone.


Small ethnic communities enrich a culture, but large ones will ruin it. Whole villages are moving to the United States, completely transforming the USA.

No nation, no continent, can survive uncontrolled immigration, especially when it involves people whose language, religion, culture, and worldview differ — in some cases radically — from the countries to which they are migrating. Uncontrolled illegal immigration in the United States spells an eventual death knell, which is, no doubt, the intent.

The Left wants to turn America into an overpopulated, totally foreign country where foreigners displace Americans out of our culture, our language, and our way of life.

The distinguished author Douglas Murry, author of The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, said, “A country that imports the world’s people, will also import the world’s problems.”

For example, if we import enough warring tribes out of the middle east, we will see our own country suffer a conflagration that we won’t be able to put out because it will become endemic to our entire system. If we import enough criminals, cartels, misfits that the left calls marginalized, that’s who we will become.

We have warlords coming into the country, communists, people who will never share our values, and they come in such large numbers, they will take over whole towns and cities.

We can’t even stop Black Lives Matter from burning our cities to the ground. If we imported enough Islamic Sunnis, Kurds, and Shites into our country, they would start their own wars within our cities.

Cartels are currently warring in our cities. They are increasing the dangers of rampant crime. With offers of membership and wealth, they lure in young minorities.

We have people from over 160 countries pouring in unvetted and Democrats are treating them better than Americans who get to pay the freight. Too many will become entitled moochers.


What is so sickening is that we never voted for this upheaval. Mass immigration and the creation of a multi-cultural society have all been imposed without a shred of democratic consent. Opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of the public wants tighter border controls.

Yet this natural instinct is treated with contempt by the bullying ideologues of the pro-immigration armies. They hurl accusations of racism, nativism, and xenophobia against anyone who dares challenge them.

As Democrats greatly increase our welfare system, we will only become more inviting to the world’s deadbeats.

The pro-immigration ideologues tell us that our economy will be boosted and our culture enriched by this new influx. But that is empty propaganda. They are making us into a poorer nation.

Their economic arguments are false. Mass immigration imposes a phenomenal burden on the civic infrastructure. Normal immigration benefits a nation, but not mass immigration.

We have overcrowded schools, overstretched hospitals, and increased welfare payments. And through the aggressive exploitation of cheap labor, uncontrolled immigration drives down wages, lowers living standards, and pushes up unemployment.


Bill Melugin

Live from the RGV w/ former ICE Director Tom Homan as he reacts to leaked video showing BP agents getting in a heated exchange w/ the BP Chief, the apprehensions of 5 men from Syria in RGV, & DHS numbers showing only 59% of single adults were expelled via Title 42 in December.


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2:51 PM · Jan 29, 2022

The pace and extent of the demographic changes in the United States are breathtaking. The population of whole cities is being imported each month under Joe Biden. We had already changed dramatically as a nation because of the numbers of people who poured into our nation in the last few decades and because of the anchor babies now outnumbering citizens’ babies.

Soon the country will be mostly blue. It’s not the blue under JFK. It’s blue as in authoritarian.

The US will soon become a one-party country with totalitarian Democrats ruling over us. Mandates, regulations, high taxes, burdensome rules, laws passed by agencies, no constitution or bill of rights. We can count on no rights to privacy, self-defense, free speech, rights to assembly, and reduced freedom to drive cars, eat what we want, or own single-family homes – it’s in our future.

Undemocratic, Unchecked Mass Immigration Will Destroy the USA - Soon (independentsentinel.com)