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    UNION JACKAL ON IMMIGRATION [4 ITEMS]: Blacks The New Face Of London; Students Lose H


    Blacks The New Face Of London; Students Lose Housing To Illegals; Notting Hill Or Stabbing Hill?; Home Office Asylum Officer Emma Haddad Moves To Treason Lobby

    Mark Gullick

    The Wrath of [Sadiq] Khan: London’s Anti-White Pakistani Mayor Presides over Great Replacement … Using Blacks

    Mass immigration is often rightly described as an invasion of countries, but cities can suffer the same ill fate.

    Successful occupiers don’t invade a country in one fell swoop. They take key cities first, then join the dots. In London, invasion is underway using a proxy army. The commander’s name: Sadiq Khan, the Pakistani Muslim mayor.

    In 1961, when I was born in London, the city was 98 percent white. The ceremonial Lord Mayor, then Sir Frederick Hoare, a mild-mannered white man who clearly loved his country, had no administrative power. Today, the city is 43 percent White British.

    As of 2000, the office has been far from ceremonial, and the incumbent, Khan, is a Muslim who clearly despises whites and wants to cleanse the capital of their presence and fill it with his swarthy coreligionists. But he is not using Muslims to do it.

    The latest example of Khan’s blancophobia appeared on his Greater London Authority website.

    A promotional photo showed a white family by the River Thames, with the caption “Doesn’t represent real Londoners” [Khan faces backlash after website says white family ‘doesn’t represent real Londoners,’by Dominic Penna, The Telegraph, August 20, 2023].

    One would assume he would use a photo of a South Asian Muslim family to represent the remade London. He didn’t. He is cunning, and has learned a lesson by gaining political leverage from white British Leftists. So he used blacks.

    Khan knows that the best way to weaken an already enfeebled white infidel is not to blow up their buses and music arenas, but instead to use blacks against them.

    This is why Khan ensured that BLM logos were prominent at London’s traditional New Year fireworks, and personally promoted Black on the Square in Trafalgar Square. He has also set up a “diversity commission” to review London’s statues, the color of those targeted for removal being obvious [London Mayor Sadiq Khan Sets Up A 15-Member ‘Diversity Commission’ To Review City’s Statues, Street Names,Building Names,Memorials, Swarajya, February 11, 2021].

    Khan quietly attends Muslim functions, but for optics surrounds himself with blacks, and has cleverly convinced the media that he sides with these oppressed descendants of slaves against the white establishment.

    In 2015, he campaigned on scrapping “stop and search” by police because it supposedly disproportionately targets blacks, even though they commit most of the city’s knife crimes. Three years later, he increased it to combat knife crime.

    So Khan artfully positioned himself between blacks and the police, then imposed a tough-on-crime measure to stop black crime.

    Khan wins both ways: optics and Islamification. By apparently protecting blacks from racist policing and boosting their aggressive grievance culture as a smokescreen, he wins the communist Mainstream Media. But blacks are just the advance guard for the urban caliphate Khan wishes London to become.


    British Undergrads Get an Education on Replacement: Landlords Boot Them for Bigger “Migrant“ Rents

    You can’t help but laugh. More than 150 British undergraduates in Huddersfield in the north of England signed tenancy agreements for “luxury student accommodation.”

    New tenants are due to move in this month, just before the new term, but they won’t be the students who signed the contracts.

    The landlord canceled those and told the students to get a room elsewhere. He cut a lucrative deal with the Home Office to house illegal aliens [Students lose ‘luxury housing’ to migrants after Home Office forces them out, by Louisa Clarence-Smith and Charles Hymas, The Telegraph, August 30, 2023].

    Knowing the British student body, a large percentage of these newly homeless undergrads will be of the “Refugees Welcome Here!” variety.

    Well, the students’ landlord welcomed those “refugees” into the apartments the students thought they had rented.

    One wonders whether they think refugees are welcome now, and whether life in a “nation of immigrants” is all it’s cracked up to be.


    Carnival Turns Notting Hill into Stabbing Hill

    The Notting Hill Carnival, inaugurated in London in 1965, was intended as a “celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture.” It’s certainly become that, although not so much for its floats and parades as for another trait of “Afro-Caribbean” man.

    For two days every August, Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove in West London become a vulgar display of black misrule and criminality. Many residents board up their properties and flee London for the duration. Some 300 tons of rubbish litter the streets afterwards.

    And, of course, city taxpayers spend a fortune to police the blacks.

    Resources are tied up for months in advance in preparation, all police leave is canceled for the weekend (and must be reimbursed later), and officers are drafted in from all over the country.

    This year, Metropolitan Police reported eight stabbings and 308 arrests for myriad violent crimes, including those against “officers who were kicked, punched, spat on, bitten, head-butted and sexually assaulted” [Update: Notting Hill Carnival policing operation concludes, Met.Police.UK, August 29, 2023].

    I visited the Carnival briefly 20 years ago. It was the most aggressive, threatening, and unpleasant event I have ever attended.

    The police were nervous; roving blacks were gleefully confident that they could do anything they wished.

    Beyond that, feral black looting, coordinated by social media, has made its way from urban America to London.

    A recent spate of looting attacks on London’s famous Oxford Street prompted a bland but revealing comment from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: Future flash mobs “would be met with the full force of the law” [Chaos on Oxford Street: Police wielding batons clash with dozens of youths outside Microsoft store as violent scuffles break out across London’s shopping district amid fears of TikTok-inspired looting,by Tom Cotterill and Matthew Lodge, Daily Mail, August 9, 2023].

    But blacks know the police are a weak and diminished force in the post–George Floyd era, and that one slip could cost a cop his job and government pension.

    We hear a lot about black empowerment, but it means something different to white Leftists than it does to blacks. For blacks, it doesn’t mean changing the world for the better, but turning it upside down.


    Former Home Office Asylum Director Joins Treason Lobby Amnesty International

    Emma Haddad was Director General for Asylum and Protection at the British Home Office until last year.

    Haddad’s job was to implement governmental policy impartially. After she left the post, colleagues described her as “very difficult.”

    She is now CEO of St. Mungo’s, a charity for the homeless, and recently joined the board of Amnesty International UK, possibly the most powerful—and certainly the most vocal—opponent of border control in the country [Home Office’s ex-asylum boss joins pro-migrant charity, by Edward Malnick, The Telegraph, August 26, 2023].

    It is unlikely she had some sort of Damascene conversion that led her to Amnesty, and more likely that she held the organization’s strong views all along, including her time at the Home Office.

    She’s the granddaughter of Tunisian Jewish refugees from Arab persecution on her father’s side, and Russian Jewish pogrom refugees on her mother’s side, and her 2008 book The Refugee in International Society (a book, she says, which “may have been derived, perhaps subconsciously, from the ebb and flow of my family history”) insists in Chapter One that

    There is no conceptual difference between the Russian refugees of the 1920s, the Jewish refugees of the 1930s, the Hungarian refugees of the 1950s, the Vietnamese refugees of the 1970s, the Rwandan refugees of the 1990s and the Zimbabwean refugees of the dawn of the twenty-first century.

    That has some quite potent consequences for immigration and those who favor it.

    Even as a non-executive director on Amnesty’s board, Haddad will arrive with all the information she garnered from her civil service post. She’ll give Amnesty International expert insider’s advice on how to further jam the gears of Britain’s immigration system, which is primarily an illegal immigration system. That is a powerful consultancy, and one wonders whether Amnesty might have been her goal all along, stopping off at the Home Office to take some notes first.

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