US-Bound Venezuelans Attack Police, Fight Each Other In Mexico

Allan Wall

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Mexico is the main thoroughfare for the ongoing invasion of the United States. As a result, there are plenty of problems in Mexico.

Yes, Mexico has tightened its immigration enforcement since December, but there are still invaders getting through, not to mention the ones who were in Mexico already.

Lately, U.S.-bound Venezuelans have been among the troublemakers in Mexico.

Mexican authorities in Chihuahua City recently tried to detain some illegal aliens attempting to travel by train to Ciudad Juarez, which lies right across the border from El Paso, USA.

A train company had reported that the migrants were boarding a freight train bound for Ciudad Juarez.

Eventually, about 100 men, women and children, had snuck on to the train.

Agents of the Instituto Nacional de Migración (Mexico’s immigration agency) and Chihuahua City municipal police went out to get them off the train and take them to a migrant shelter.

But the invaders decided not to cooperate. They fought back, throwing bottles, sticks and rocks at Mexican authorities.

These migrants didn’t want to go to a shelter. They wanted to continue on to the U.S. border.

“With the cry of, ‘If you want war, we’re going to give you war,' a group of mostly Venezuelan migrants attacked agents of the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) and Chihuahua City municipal police with rocks, burning a quad bike and damaging a truck, during an operation to get them off the train at the city of Chihuahua," Excelsior reported.

And check out the attitudes of these guys:

“The migrants were saying they were tired of the detentions, the extortion, and the theft, blaming the agents and police.”

Illegal aliens invade other countries and get indignant when everything doesn’t go their way. Why don’t they just stay in their own country?

After the confrontation, the invading migrants continued the struggle via social media, blaming the Mexican agents.

“On social media, the migrants accused the agents of causing the conflict due to their aggression against a migrant, which triggered a violent response on the part of the foreigners who had settled in that area,” Milenio reported.

The INM, on the other hand, denies that its agents attacked a migrant.

“On the contrary, it was [INM agents] who were wounded,"the INM says.

In the southern state of Oaxaca, two days earlier, there were some Venezuelans involved in some trouble.

It was in the Costa” region of Oaxaca, which has reportedly become a more popular invasion route.

“This year, the migratory flow in the region of the Costa has increased considerably, with Pinotepa Nacional being a point where the migrants seek routes to the border with the United States," Milenio reports.

"In recent weeks, to avoid detection by authorities of the Instituto Nacional de Migración, the migrants have opted for the Pinotepa Nacional route… before heading to Mexico City.”

The popularity of various invasion routes is constantly in flux.

What happened in Oaxaca was that Venezuelans were fighting each other while boarding a bus!

Think about it. Venezuelans travel all the way from South America to Mexico – in order to fight other Venezuelans!

Hey guys, you could have just stayed in Venezuela for that!

The madness continues...