SALT LAKE CITY — Utah should not pass an Arizona-style immigration law because it would create fear, constitutional problems and unnecessary expense for the state, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Peter Corroon told Spanish radio on Thursday.

"I don't think it's practical for every state to make its own immigration laws. We need one integrated solution, not 50," Corroon said — in Spanish (which he learned in Spain) — on the Pulso Latino show on Radio Exitos 1550 AM.

Corroon, who is also the Salt Lake County mayor, went on that show a week after Republican Gov. Gary Herbert appeared on the same program to announce he would convene a roundtable of activists, church leaders, businessmen and legislators to attempt to craft a "Utah-specific" solution to illegal immigration.

Corroon said illegal immigration is a federal responsibility that needs to be addressed by the federal government. He said many problems are created by Arizona's new law, which mandates that police who have stopped people for other reasons should check their immigration status if they have reasonable suspicion that they are illegal immigrants.

"I worry about the Arizona law for constitutional reasons related to racial discrimination. I don't want people to worry (about immigration checks) every time police stop their cars," he said.

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The guy on his right is the pro-illegal spokesperson in Utah, Tony Yapias.