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    VA Congresswoman Davis opposes amnesty;supports rule of law ... 006/181616

    Amnesty for illegal aliens? How about law enforcement instead?
    Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis speaks in strong terms on illegal immigration

    Date published: 4/13/2006

    AFEW WEEKS AGO, almost half a million people--inspired by a radio disc jockey on a popular radio program--flooded the streets of Los Angeles to protest pending congressional immigration reform legislation. Their protests ranged from treatment of illegal aliens to labor rights to proposed laws dealing with deportation and border security.

    These protesters were exercising free speech, a fundamental right in America, and part of the foundation of our country. Yet ironically enough, these folks were protesting efforts to uphold the rule of law--another pillar in American democracy.

    Illegal immigration is illegal--there is no other way around it--and simply because we have an influx of illegal immigrants in America does not mean we should ignore the problem and grant amnesty to those who violate our laws.

    There is no dispute that our nation has been blessed with incredible diversity and talent because of legal immigration--however, illegal immigration is an insult to those who abide by the rules and in complete contradiction to the fundamental core values of this nation.

    The debate on illegal immigration is not a new one; in fact, illegal immigration has afflicted our nation for years, and ultimately has cost American taxpayers billions of dollars annually.

    We did not wake up one day to 11 million illegal immigrants in our country and involved in our economy. This is a result of years of neglect on behalf of the INS and a failure to enforce current immigration laws.

    Illegal immigration is a complex and multifaceted problem. Ultimately, curbing illegal immigration starts at our nation's borders. But it goes beyond our borders--nearly half of those who are here illegally in the U.S. entered through the proper, legal channels, but then violated the terms of their visas by not returning to their home country when they expired.

    Simply strengthening the Border Patrol is not enough to stop illegal immigration. We have had weak enforcement inside our borders, coupled with confusing provisions in our immigration law, allowing illegal immigrants to stay here for years without punishment.

    In addition, there are many people who have been waiting for years to enter the U.S. because they want to obey our immigration laws. To reward those who break the law by offering them amnesty goes against our core, fundamental American values.

    Not only are too many immigrants breaking the law, but too many employers are hiring illegal aliens, giving more people a reason to break the law to come to America.

    If amnesty is offered, which has been done in the past, as a government we are saying it is fine to ignore and break the rule of law. Our nation's credibility will be damaged and our ability to enforce immigration laws in the future will be crippled.

    While I believe that a limited, temporary guest worker program could meet the needs of some sectors of the American economy, I am opposed to amnesty. Amnesty is not the answer to this growing problem--it undermines the laws of our country and ultimately makes the problem worse by encouraging further illegal immigration.

    In December, in order to secure our borders and crack down on illegal immigration, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4437, a strong border security and immigration enforcement bill. Because the House was in a rare Saturday session when the vote was called, due to weekly chemotherapy treatment I am receiving, I was not able to make the vote. Had I been able to make it, I would have supported this legislation.

    One of the reasons why I support this legislation is that there is an employment eligibility verification system provision--in which employers must submit the Social Security and alien identification numbers of those they wish to hire to the appropriate agency in order to detect fraudulent numbers and documents.

    Additionally, H.R. 4437 cracks down on alien gang members and would deport alien street gang members. MS-13, the fastest-growing and most violent gang, has a strong presence in Virginia, many members of who are in the U.S. illegally.

    America has always been a land of opportunity, and the Statue of Liberty symbolizes a universal message of hope and freedom for immigrants coming to America and people seeking freedom around the world. We should have a reasonable process to allow people to take full advantage of these opportunities.

    But I cannot and will not support policies that undermine our American values and the credibility of our nation's laws.

    We cannot afford to wait any longer --it is imperative that we crack down on illegal immigration and secure our borders. As your congresswoman, I remain committed to honoring and following the rule of law.

    JO ANN DAVIS represents Virginia's First Congressional District. She serves on the House Armed Services, Select Intelligence, and International Relations committees.

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    MopHeadBlue, Great letter and I hope she recovers from her cancer and remains in the US Congress for a considerable time.

    This woman was "duped" by the President of the United States, George Walker Wackident Bush into missing the CAFTA Vote...because his "staged" meeting with her scheduled at the Boy Scout Jamboree when he had no intention of every showing up and was in fact roaming the halls of Congress working against the American People. He had his staff assuring her that he was on his way; be here any minute; blah blah blah; and when she said, "enuf already" and headed back to the Capitol to vote...she missed the vote due to traffic congestion resulting from a heavy downpour.

    While she should have told the President's Men to Stuff It, I blame this lost CAFTA vote squarely on the shoulders of the lying, conniving no good worthless treasonous bum named George Walker "Wackident" Bush.

    I'm glad to see her letter. But we do not need any guest worker program at this time. She needs to forget that for now.

    Thanks for sharing this letter with ALIPAC, MopHeadBlue!!

    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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