Venezuelan Reveals How Mexican Immigration Officials Operate as a Cartel, Give Illegal Aliens GPS Coordinates and Charge Them to Cross Rio Grande Into US (VIDEO)

By Cristina Laila
Dec. 3, 2023 7:20 pm

As The Gateway Pundit reported last week, Mexican officials are now providing GPS coordinates to illegal alien caravans marching to the US border.

Border Hawk correspondent Efraín González is embedded with a massive caravan of illegals making their way through Piedras Negras, Mexico, to the Rio Grande and he learned Mexican authorities are giving the illegals GPS coordinates for mass crossings into the United States.

“We accompanied this caravan that walked for an hour in the darkest to reach the crossing point. The migrant said they were angry Mexican authorities sent them to cross into this dangerous area of the river at night,” González said.
“Most of these people do not know how to get to the river. However, through GPS they obtain the exact location where forklift tractors raised the razor wire last October,” he said.

“We have GPS and it guides us,” one illegal told Gonzalez in Spanish.

“These GPS-guided mass crossings into Eagle Pass have become much more frequent this November,” Gonzalez said.

A Venezuelan migrant in Piedras Negras, Mexico revealed how Mexican immigration officials are operating as a cartel giving the illegal aliens GPS coordinates and charging them to cross the Rio Grande into the United States.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants from all over the world are traveling through the
Darien Gap en route to the United States every month.

Once the illegals reach Mexico, they are usually bused up to the United States border. Some of the illegals hop on trains after they reach central Mexico en route to the US. The GPS coordinates provided by Mexican authorities then guide the illegals to the Rio Grande.

According to a Venezuelan illegal who was interviewed outside the NGO in Del Rio, Texas, Mexican immigration officials are operating well-organized pathways for ‘asylum-seekers’ to reach the Rio Grande.

“You constantly hear how cartels are behind human smuggling and making a lot of money. The reality in Coahuila is that it’s government officials at the local, state, and federal level working collaboratively to move these large groups and operate as a cartel,” citizen journalist Auden Cabello said.

The Venezuelan told Auden Cabello: “We were walking after they got us off the train, some men arrived and they identified themselves as Mexican Immigration and then they gave us GPS coordinates on how to arrive to the shelter.”

“Meanwhile, they took us…. all the way to the river. Some people who supposedly were from immigration, they had lanyards and everything…they would charge us 100 pesos, 500 pesos, depending what they saw on people they would take it.”

The Venezuelan explained that if the illegals don’t have cash, the Mexican officials would take items of value such as cell phones, shoes, necklaces or watches.

The Mexican officials ushering the illegals across the Rio Grande identified as “immigration agents.”


Auden B. Cabello

Piedras Negras, MX: The state of Coahuila has a new governor as of Friday, December 1st. Will anything change with Mexican officials facilitating migrants with GPS coordinates to arrive to the shelter and then be guided to a specific crossing point into Eagle Pass, TX?Anibal is

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Instead of impeaching DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden for allowing millions of illegal aliens to invade the US, Congress is busy expelling GOP Rep. George Santos.