VIDEO: Caribbean Migrants March Through Mexican Checkpoint near Texas Border

Video at link.


Hundreds of Caribbean migrants trying to reach the U.S. border walked through an immigration checkpoint operated by Mexican authorities. The group is trying to reach the border city of Reynosa before crossing the Rio Grande to Texas.

The incident took place on Saturday morning north of the city of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, approximately 80 miles from Texas. Between 400-500 migrants, primarily from Haiti, were traveling from Veracruz to Reynosa when Mexican authorities turned back their buses. Rather than stop, the migrants walked toward the rural city where they rested and renewed their march the same day.

The group walked north and as they got close to a federal checkpoint, they stopped and held a prayer service with local church leaders. After, the migrants walked past the checkpoint expecting authorities to try to stop them, however, officials stood down.

Several miles down the road, another group of federal authorities managed to forcibly stop some of the migrants by loading them onto vans bound for Veracruz, where migrants interviewed by Breitbart Texas claimed they were released. It remains unclear how many Caribbean migrants were taken to Veracruz.