VIDEO: Migrants Force Their Way into Mexican Government Building Demanding Travel Documents


A large group of migrants scuffled with authorities as they forced open the entrance to a Mexican government building in the southern border city of Tapachula, Chiapas. The migrants were awaiting travel documents that Mexican officials promised would allow them to continue their journey to the U.S. border.

The scuffle took place on Monday morning at the offices of Mexico’s Commission for Refugee Help (COMAR) in the city of Tapachula, just north of the border with Guatemala. There, thousands of migrants had gathered as they waited for Mexican officials to open and begin applying for travel documents. Mexican police forces arrived at the scene in an attempt to control the crowds. However, without notice, the migrants began to push their way into the building.

Adela Micha

#Chiapas | Decenas de migrantes que esperaban ser atendidos en la Comisión Mexicana de Ayuda a Refugiados en #Tapachula, irrumpieron esta mañana dejando un número indeterminado de heridos.

Chiapas | Dozens of migrants waiting to be treated at the Mexican Refugee Aid Commission in #Tapachula, broke in this morning, leaving an undetermined number of injured.

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1:38 PM · Sep 18, 2023

Authorities could not stop the human stampede, which resulted in several migrants being trampled. Mexican news outlets reported that at least te migrants sustained various injuries during the incident.

After the incident, Mexico’s PRI party took to social media to blame the policies of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)for causing the current immigration crisis. Lopez Obrador has been fiercely criticized for his approach to migration.

PRI Chiapas C.D.E.

Este es el resultado de una mala Política Migratoria que hoy les está explotando en las manos. No solamente están rebasados en materia de seguridad, sino que tampoco hay garantías humanitarias para los migrantes que hoy llegan a México.

This is the result of a bad Immigration Policy that is exploding in their hands today. Not only are they overwhelmed in terms of security, but there are also no humanitarian guarantees for the migrants who arrive in Mexico today.


Una marea humana de #migrantes de diversas nacionalidades irrumpen en las instalaciones de la @comar_sg#COMAR en #Tapachula#Chiapas@isain@fredymartin@fmonterrosa@e nochdez@FGEChiapas@mejia_alejandre@LuisaAlcalde@al exmoguels@HDeLaCruzO@JanetteGuzmn2@trurin

A human wave of #migrants of various nationalities break into the @comar_sg#COMAR facilities in #Tapachula#Chiapas@isain@fredymartin@fmonterrosa@e nochdez@FGEChiapas@mejia_alejandre@LuisaAlcalde@al exmoguels@HDeLaCruzO@JanetteGuzmn2@trurin

6:47 PM · Sep 18, 2023

Under his administration, Mexican immigration officials have been handing out temporary travel documents to any migrant who requests them. With those documents, migrants have a set amount of time to travel to the U.S. border and leave the country. A small fraction of the migrants who arrive at Mexico’s southern border request asylum there. Government statistics show that in August, approximately 100,000 migrants requested asylum.