Video Shows China Nationals Being Handed Over to NGOs at Border

Citizens of America’s biggest geopolitical rival are off to US interior with CBP’s blessing.

By: Joe Schaeffer March 31, 2023 - 9:30 am Articles, Illegal Immigration, Opinion | Opinion News Article

The extremely well-organized network that is helping potentially dangerous foreigners illegally make their way into America has come to the fore once again. Illegal alien “migrants” from communist China are paying tens of thousands of dollars to smugglers to enter the US and, once there, are being released to abetting NGOs by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials after being handed Notices to Appear.

“Fox News captures exclusive video of Chinese nationals being released publicly to an NGO in Brownsville, TX.

CBP sources say they are being released [with] NTAs (notices to appear) because there are so many crossing and no more space to house them,” network reporter Griff Jenkins tweeted. He attached a video of one such action.

Fox host Will Cain added his take on the scene:

  1. NGOs get government $$$
  2. Use our tax dollars to support illegal immigration
  3. While government spends money allegedly trying to stop illegal immigration
  4. That NGOs with our tax dollars helped create.

This non-existent enforcement policy comes as a record number of Chinese nationals are flooding through America’s porous borders. The surge in recent months has been particularly steep. “Since the start of 2023, there have been 4,366 encounters with Chinese nationals, with 1,368 in February alone,” NewsNation reports.

90 In One Day at One Texas Border Sector

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Chief Gloria Chavez on March 17 reported that there were “90 additional Chinese national apprehensions” on March 16. That made for “the most encountered since 2010 in a single day” and “brings the [Fiscal Year to Date] total to 1,667” in this one sector.

“[A]ccording to CBP data released last week, the number of Chinese nationals encountered in February drastically shot up more than 200% from January to February,” the website Border Report relates. “The number of Chinese migrants that Border Patrol agents encountered in the RGV Sector went from 195 to 624.

This includes 41 family units.”

“This is a significant spike from October when only 30 Chinese nationals crossed between legal ports of entry, according to CBP,” Border Report notes.

To get this far, Chinese nationals pay handsome sums to sophisticated international smuggling groups that work with the criminal cartels that run illegal border crossing lanes into the US.

From China to New York In a Skip and a Hop

As Liberty Nation documented in February, Chinese nationals are paying as much as $80,000 to smugglers, a staggering amount that causes one to wonder whether a regime that has repeatedly revealed its keen desire to establish a firm foothold inside the US by purchasing “farmland in America, property next to US military facilities, and even, amazingly, military officer training academies” is funding these trips in an attempt to further infiltrate its main geopolitical rival.

“It’s very alarming because Border Patrol has been dealing with the uptick in Chinese nationals, especially in the Rio Grande Valley sector, which is unusual. Before, we would never see this many Chinese nationals coming across this area here but, of course, it’s a very lucrative business for the smuggling organizations,” Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez told NewsNation.

The site detailed the experience of one Chinese national as he trekked from Asia into the US.“Zhang Kiayu said his [illicit] journey began in Ecuador. He then traveled through Colombia where smugglers coordinated his travel on boats to Panama, passing through the Darien Gap,” the account states.

“Kiayu was issued a temporary visa in Mexico before finishing his journey over the wall and into the U.S. He paid $11,000 to cartel members and different smuggling operations to make the whole journey.”

“Like many others, Kiayu was detained then released with a notice to appear in court at a later date,” the story concludes. “Kiayu told NewsNation he has now been released from Customs and Border Protection’s custody and is on his way to New York.”

The national security implications are obvious and horrifying to contemplate.

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)