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Posted Online: 1-3-2007
VOP-Illegals shouldn’t be permitted to break law

I am writing in response to the gentleman who wrote the letter on illegal aliens. Sir, we have no problem with the people who come into this country legally. We do have a problem with those who break the law by coming into this country illegally.

If we break the law, we go to jail. The people who sneak in are breaking the laws of this United States. Therefore they should be sent back to their own country. We do not allow other countries to disobey our laws, so why is there any question that these people should be allowed to break the law, either?

I do understand they want to work, but they should apply for the right to enter and they would be welcomed.

I also object to having to have more than English on everything we buy. It is a real pain to have to hunt for our own language on these products. It was decided many years ago that English was to be our official language, so why now do we have to put up with all these other languages? This is still the good old United States.