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    Voting Irregularities in Texas Yesterday

    From Jim Welch of Texas

    Subject: Slam !!
    I ask for your support on an issue that smacked me in the face when I went to vote yesterday. If this is allowed to stand we shall surely hear the sound of the door on the boxcar slamming shut.
    I had read many reports about how the electronic voting machines had been compromised and how it had been proven over and over that the results could be manipulated.
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    I now wished that I had reviewed my choices after I had voted! It was also the first time that I had to use an electronic voting machine; as, given the chance, I always choose the punch-card. I reviewed all the bills that were to voted upon at home, but to my dismay, the bill numbers were not displayed and only listed as propositions. After the voting had been "counted" that night, perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised that all had passed! Even the ones with the purpose of increasing our taxes without controlling our governments' spending despite an already exposed surplus that has or will be mis-appropriated to other funding. Your notice of voting fraud within our government is discomforting at best.
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    You guys need to contact the media and if nothing else the talk radio shows. Contact Glenn Beck too.
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    That voting machine should have been taken out of service.

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