Welsh Government Uses 14-Year-Old Schoolgirls to Attract ‘Refugee’ Men From Africa and Middle East to Wales (VIDEO)

By Cristina Laila
Dec. 27, 2023 6:00 pm

The Welsh government used 14-year-old schoolgirls to attract ‘refugee’ men from Africa and the Middle East to Wales.

The Welsh Labour government used taxpayer dollars to use underage girls to attract military-age illegal migrant men from Africa and the Middle East to Wales.

The promo video started with two minor teen girls greeting the refugees and letting them know they would be arriving at a welcoming environment.

“Fleeing your country is difficult, but Wales wants you to feel welcome,” one of the little girls said in an undated video.

The other minor teen chimed in, “
The Welsh Refugee Council wants to help you. You can contact them here,” she said as contact info appears on the screen.

“The Welsh Refugee Coalition is a collection of organisations working in Wales with asylum seekers and refugees at all stages of their journey, and with the communities in which they live,” The Welsh Refugee Coalition

“We work together to ensure that our limited resources can be used to best effect and to speak with one voice on policies and practices affecting people seeking safety in Wales.” WRC said.

The teen girls promised the refugees all kinds of ‘free’ programs such as help applying for bank accounts, medical benefits, education, English lessons and help finding doctors.

“There are many job opportunities here in Wales,” one of the underage girls said.

Why is the Welsh government using minor teen girls to entice military-age men from countries with no rape laws to join them in Wales?


Klaus Arminius

UK: Welsh Government is using 14-year-old Welsh girls to attract migrant men to the country

Migrants arriving in Europe come from Africa and Asia where pedophilia is wide spread.

Wales is using little girls to encourage migrants to move to Wales and claim benefits and housings.


2:04 PM · Dec 26, 2023

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