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What Brokaw didn't report about illegals

By Frosty Wooldridge
December 29, 2006

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This week, NBC's Tom Brokaw presented a one-hour television special on illegal immigration, "In the Shadow of the American Dream." During the program, this great American soft-pedaled illegals' impact on Vail, Aspen, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, Colorado and the Roaring Fork Valley. Why the kid-gloves treatment? Why support anarchy?

Brokaw used platitudes to describe a growing attitude of lawlessness - as if it were OK to break our laws. He presented an entire family of illegal aliens on national television. Only one of 16 was an American: a 2-year-old anchor baby. Instead of being arrested and deported, they reported for work as you read this column today. Meanwhile, Colorado citizens lose foreclosed homes, stand in unemployment lines and join the welfare ranks.

Brokaw reported that Gould Construction Corp. shrugged as it scrutinized high-quality forged documents and hired illegal aliens at $14 an hour. Aspen businesses knowingly break laws by hiring illegals numbering 6,000 in the Roaring Fork Valley. Over 80 percent of their schools house children of illegal aliens - paid for by Colorado taxpayers at an added $564.1 million annually across the state.

In the Brokaw show, police stopped illegals who broke Colorado laws, but when Mexican drivers showed a forged driver's license or no driver's license, our police let them go. It's an example of two-tiered justice. Brokaw showed where four Mexican families lived in a single-family dwelling. Brokaw watched illegals produce forged green cards and Social Security cards without questioning identity theft from American citizens. He showed how most illegals did not file income taxes. He never reported Colorado's new tuberculosis cases nor did he report on growing crime in Roaring Fork Valley. Brokaw didn't address our $38 million debt paying for medical services and anchor babies. He didn't talk about Mexican growth rates at 17 percent annually in Colorado. He didn't mention that Colorado taxpayers fork over $40 million to house convicted illegal aliens. How do I know? I'm from Colorado.

Here is the report that I would have given if I were Tom Brokaw. Here's the report you didn't hear about because of NBC won't tell the real story. NBC is not alone! ABC, CBS and the rest sugarcoat, support and condone mass immigration into the United States. Why do they do it? Follow the money! With unending growth, 21st-century robber barons enjoy unending profits. The rest of us live the harsh realities of an invasion by a foreign country name Mexico.

Here's what Brokaw didn't report about illegal aliens in Colorado:

• Thousands of fraudulent loans and mortgages have been given to illegals. When they default on their payments, which happens in many cases, taxpayers pay.

• Last fall, a Fort Morgan child contracted tuberculosis from an illegal alien child who had not been screened at the border because his parents, also carrying TB, were not screened. The whole school student body had to be tested.

• Identity theft, forged Social Security and green cards have become an art form in Colorado. Honest citizens have become victims.

• Longmont Hospital suffered $24 million in nonpayments for illegals using it for anchor babies and medical treatment they didn't pay for. Boulder Community Hospital suffered $32 million in losses. The costs to Swedish and other Denver hospitals soared into the millions. Who pays? We Colorado taxpayers pay the difference.

• In the fall of 2006, one illegal alien mother of three ran a stop sign in Greeley and killed her three unbelted kids.

• Another illegal alien, without driver's license and living in Boulder, ran over and killed a 28-year-old man riding his bike as he stopped at a stop sign. She was drunk.

• One illegal named Hernandez placed a noose around his girlfriend's neck and dragged her until she was grated cheese and no longer recognizable.

• One illegal alien shot another illegal alien at a job site.

• Denver Public High Schools suffer a 67 percent dropout/flunk out rate annually with 30,000 illegal aliens speaking 40 different languages while one in five teachers quits or transfers out every nine-month cycle.

• Eight illegals raped eight Boulder women, and seven escaped back to Mexico.

• My neighbor, Dale Englerth, in Lafayette, was killed by an illegal named Francisco Montero last fall. Montero had been caught drunk driving 11 times and let go until he killed Dale Englerth. Montero was immediately deported, didn't serve time for vehicle homicide and is probably back in Colorado under another name.

• Greeley, the Swift meatpacking capital of illegal alien hiring in Colorado, suffered 270 hit-and-run accidents last year, illustrating a growing trend for lawlessness.

• Colorado is the smuggling epicenter for drugs and illegals.

I am reporting the tip of the iceberg as to what is happening to Colorado with 400,000 up to 500,000 illegal aliens. Brokaw, bless his out-of-touch-with-what-is-really-happening-to-us heart, didn't begin to report on the deadly realities we face here in Colorado. He doesn't live here. His grandkids don't attend school here. He doesn't have to wait in line behind thousands of illegals overwhelming our hospitals and schools. Brokaw, much like all elites, doesn't have to step in the cow dung of illegal alien migration. He lives above and away from it.

In Colorado, we can't escape it. Given enough time, no one single American will escape our accelerating consequences.

Frosty Wooldridge is a resident of Louisville.