Don Murphy: Sheriff should report illegal immigrants
Don Murphy | Posted: Sunday, May 9, 2010 5:30 am | 1 Comment

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney is right regarding informing federal authorities of illegal immigrants in his custody. Mexican law allows their law enforcement agencies to jail illegal immigrants when caught (although this fact should have no bearing on how we enforce our laws). Why should any state in the United States not do the same?

The sheriff's decision to report the names of illegal immigrants should not be changed unless for the better, which would be to put them on a bus with a one-way ticket to the nearest city in Mexico.

An illegal immigrant is an illegal immigrant and is not someone to be sequestered and protected against deportation. They might be welcomed with open arms if they were here legally, but the fact is, they broke our laws and because of that they are criminals.

— Don Murphy, Madison

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