Wild Video: Texas Bust Turns Chaotic as Smuggler, Illegals Battle Troopers

Border Hawk

Apr 12, 2024


Seven people were apprehended this week during a chaotic traffic stop on a Texas highway that led to a suspected human smuggler and illegal aliens fighting troopers while trying to flee on foot, authorities say.

The wild incident unfolded on Wednesday in Val Verde County near the southern border.
Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) troopers pulled over a suspicious SUV near a busy intersection on US-277 and noticed it was overloaded with passengers.

Footage published on social media by TxDPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez shows the chaos that ensued.

Troopers removed a female driver and shotgun passenger from the vehicle for questioning.

“As the Trooper was arresting the driver, Amy Nicole Martinez from San Angelo, the passenger evaded towards the neighborhood,” TxDPS explained in a statement.

“After a short foot chase, a Trooper arrested Jaron Markeis Daniels from Dallas and charged him with five counts of smuggling of persons, evading arrest, and resisting arrest.”

As Daniels makes his break, illegal aliens inside the vehicle throw the door open and attempt to do the same, video shows.

A trooper can be seen grabbing a fleeing illegal by the collar and dragging him out of the busy street while a trooper struggles to subdue another illegal who jumped out of the SUV.

Four illegal aliens were turned over to U.S. Border Patrol, while a fifth, identified as Jesus Aguilar-Aguilar from Mexico, was charged with evading arrest, assault on a public servant, and resisting arrest.

The driver, Martinez, was also charged with five counts of human smuggling.