NBC/Telemundo Launches New Hispanic Voter Drive. Will Millions of Illegal Aliens Be Registered?
By William F. Jasper

Published: 2007-10-08 13:41


"Vota Por Tu Futura" (Vote For Your Future). That’s the slogan of the new voter registration drive being launched by Telemundo, the Spanish-language television network, and a number of Hispanic organizations.

Follow this link to the original source: "Telemundo and mun2 Unveil National Multi-Platform 'Vota Por Tu Futuro' / 'Vote 4 UR Future' Campaign at the National Press Club"


Telemundo, the Spanish-language television network, announced on October 3 that it was launching a major voter registration campaign to target the large "Spanish-dominant" population. That is a way of referring to the millions of Hispanics in the U.S. who speak little or no English, a great many of whom are illegal aliens or non-citizen legal aliens. Both categories are ineligible to vote. Telemundo’s press release states:

The mission of "Vota Por Tu Futuro" - "Vote 4 UR Future" is to increase the number of Hispanic voters by educating, registering and inspiring Hispanics to exercise their power and voice through voting in the upcoming 2008 presidential election.

In a strategic approach to reach U.S. Hispanics, Telemundo and mun2 will embark in a first-ever media driven campaign to implement a multi-platform initiative through broadcast, cable and the Internet. Through its cable network, mun2, "Vote 4 UR Future" will focus on motivating and mobilizing young Latinos in the U.S., who constitute the fastest-growing segment within the Nation's Hispanic community.

Telemundo, which is owned by NBC (which, in turn, is owned by General Electric) is conducting the registration drive in partnership with Rock the Vote, Democracia USA, US Hispanic Leadership Institute and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

With the exception of Rock the Vote, all of Telemundo’s partners in the drive are funded by the Ford Foundation, which has been the leading financial backer of virtually every significant radical Hispanic organization over the past four decades. Curiously missing from the Telemundo partner lineup is the National Council of La Raza, one of the largest Latino groups, and one of the biggest recipients of Ford Foundation largesse.

Telemundo has partnered with La Raza many times in the past, so why not now, since voter registration and political power are La Raza’s forte? Very likely, La Raza is a silent partner in the campaign, realizing that its reputation for radical politics would be a lightning rod and a handicap for the project if it participated openly. At it’s LEAP to Action conference on April 26, 2006, La Raza announced that it was launching a major voter registration-education-mobilization drive and was "in discussions" with Telemundo for promotion of the effort. This was just a couple of weeks following the massive street demonstrations all across the nation (supported and organized by La Raza, LULAC and the other above-named partners) in which illegal aliens defiantly declared, in chants and on banners, "Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote!"

Interestingly, at the same LEAP to Action conference, La Raza spokeswoman Clarissa Martinez, in response to a question about financial support for the project, acknowledged that it was being funded by the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation and the Knight Foundation. LULAC works closely with La Raza and with radical groups such as ACORN, which endorse "voting rights for non-citizens.

Will the Telemundo-led "Vota Por Tu Futura" project be careful to register only U.S. citizens? That is a major concern, since Telemundo played a major role in mobilizing and publicizing the 2006 demonstrations (many of which were blatantly anti-American) and its partners are all well-known for favoring open borders.