Woman Dies After Hanging from Border Fence in Arizona


Authorities in Arizona are probing the death of a woman who apparently got tangled upside-down on a border fence this week.

A 32-year-old woman from Mexico tried to climb the border fence near Douglas, Arizona, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office revealed in a prepared statement.

Sheriff’s deputies and Border Patrol responded to the scene late on April 11 shortly after receiving a call from Mexican counterparts. They found a woman who had died after spending “a considerable amount of time” upside-down hanging from the fence.

According to authorities, the woman was using a rappelling harness to climb from the Mexican-facing side. At the top, her foot became ensnared as she was trying to climb down to the U.S. side. Authorities rushed the woman to a local hospital where she “was declared deceased.” Since the incident, authorities have been in communication with the Mexican Consulate.

“These types of incidents are not political, they are humanitarian realities that someone has lost a loved one in a senseless tragedy,” Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said in a statement.” We have to do better in finding solutions to the challenges facing our border, and we have to do it for the right reasons.”

Woman Dies After Hanging from Border Fence in Arizona (breitbart.com)