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    Young Americans seeking opportunities in Mexico

    Young Americans seeking opportunities in Mexico

    Web Posted: 07/25/2007 02:09 AM CDT

    Angela Kocherga
    KENS 5 Border Bureau

    SAN JOSE DEL CABO, Mexico — Mexico has long been a favorite spot for retirees, but now a younger generation is crossing the border in search of opportunities.

    More Americans are calling Baja California home than any other Mexican state.

    On the country's Pacific Coast, a hotel is taking shape in San Jose del Cabo.

    Leslie Kale is building her career there, as the designer in charge of the hotel's décor.

    She's part of a trend of younger Americans moving to Mexico. A year ago, she left Los Angeles, where she was a set designer. Mexico is a comfortable fit for the Texas native.

    "The people are great. The culture is wonderful. It's very close to what I'm used to in San Antonio, and (there are) plenty of opportunities here," Kale said.

    She has not looked back, and she's not alone. Luis Armando Diaz, the mayor of Los Cabos, estimates there are as many as 12,000 foreigners — mostly Americans — living here. Some are winter visitors, but others are permanent residents.

    So many Americans are moving to this part of Mexico that authorities say the area has its own undocumented immigration problem. That is, people who come here to live and work without the proper documents.

    Kale is in Mexico on a temporary basis, but she's hopeful the hotel project will lead to more opportunities.

    "I really like it, and I want to stay. I really do," she said.

    It is unknown exactly how many Americans live in Mexico, but the U.S. Embassy believes the number could top 800,000. ... 6fac8.html

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    It is unknown exactly how many Americans live in Mexico, but the U.S. Embassy believes the number could top 800,000.
    ...gee, what a deal. Of that 800,000 probably 99.9% are there legally while in the U.S. we get 20 million ILLEGAL third world Mexican invaders and many million more LEGAL Mexicans.
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