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    illegal alien gang tattoos for law enforcement

    ALIPAC Supporters:

    Please place pictures of illegal alien gang tattoos in this thread with the name of the gang beneath the pictures. We need a large assortment of pictures of tatoos and which gangs the tattoos are associated with to provide a resource for law enforcement here.

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    Here is a listing of some web sites that have a lot of gang information and some photos of tattoos and graffitti. While doing the web search on this I also got a lot of hits on sites for tattoo removal. I've done some research on this topic a few years ago and don't recall seeing any information on tattoo removal then.

    Gang OR Us

    Florida Department of Corrections Gang and Security Threat Group

    Polk County Florida Sheriff’s Department ... fying.html

    Tattoos: Recognition and Interpretation

    Walking The Blue Line

    Gang Symbols

    Other Hispanic Gangs

    2005 National Gang Threat Assessment (74 pages) ... ssment.htm

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